“I’m Irresponsible. Pay Me.”

Yaugeni Kralkin, 56, is suing the New York Fire Department and four EMT’s for damages arising from an incident on June 10, 2016.

It seems that Kralkin is an over the road truck driver who came home after a trip and got into a fight with his son.

Kralkin decided to go walk off the anger while guzzling Hennessy cognac.

The Police and EMT’s were called when someone found Kralkin slumped over on their property. Kralkin was less than co-operative with the Police and the EMT’s but there is no indication he was violent.

The EMT’s examined Kralkin and determined that the best course of action would be to take him to the hospital. They strapped Kralkin to a stretcher and loaded him into the back of the ambulance and headed off.

At some time during the trip, Kralkin released the straps holding him to the stretcher (the straps are similar to the old seatbelts.) He then got up and walked out the back of the ambulance……

….while it was moving.

Gravity and physics being what they are, Kralkin fell to the pavement and according to him, was injured. The EMTs called for another unit to help with Kralkin and 12 minutes later Kralkin was on his way to the hospital again.

At the hospital, Kralkin’s blood alcohol content was .34 (and this is after his body had time to metabolize some of the alcohol.) Interestingly, a BAC of 0.31 places a person at risk of dying from alcohol poisoning.

So who was at fault for all this?

Anyone and everyone by Kralkin himself.

According to Kralkin, it was his family’s fault he got drunk:

Mr. Kralkin, a truck driver, had returned from a long-haul drive from San Diego that night, to curt words with his son, with whom he and his wife live, Mr. Kralkin said.

“You know what the conditions on the road are, and this life,” said Mr. Kralkin, who emigrated from Belarus eight years ago. “You are waiting for home that they will meet you with pleasure, with love.”

Upset at the unfriendly welcome, Mr. Kralkin said, he downed a bottle of Hennessy cognac and went for a walk.

Once the Police and the EMT’s showed up, according to the lawsuit, they failed to take proper care of him because he was able to release the straps and dive out of the moving ambulance.

The lawsuit also blames the second set of EMT’s for failing to provide timely medical care as they examined him instead of continuing his journey to the hospital.

(The “delay” was 12 minutes according to the lawsuit.)

The lawsuit doesn’t give the amount of damages being sought, but when a filing says:

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff, YAUGENIO KRALKIN, seeks damages herein on all causes of action, in sum exceeding the jurisdictional limits of all lower courts which would otherwise have jurisdiction, together with costs and disbursements of this action.

…you aren’t talking about a few dollars.

Frankly, we are tired of this type of stuff.

To hear Kralkin and his lawyer tell it, the family not only disappointed him, they held him down on the ground and forced him to drink the cognac. It was they who forced him to be drinking in public by leaving the bag with the cognac in his hand when the Police arrived. It was their fault that he was intoxicated in public.

The EMT’s were at fault because they should have broken the law and handcuffed the seriously drunk Kralkin to the stretcher. (Even though that is against New York State law as only law enforcement can restrain someone in that manner.) Failing that, they should have known that Kralkin would do undo the straps. Apparently, they should have fought with him and perhaps even punched his lights out. After all, they should have anticipated Kralkin’s actions.

We have to say that we are surprised that the ambulance maker was not a part of the suit. After all, it was they who installed latches that allow the doors of the ambulance to be opened from the inside because you never know when a Kralkin will try and dive out of the vehicle.

It is, of course, the second set of EMTs’ fault that Kralkin’s test of gravity and physics failed, leaving him on the pavement in the street. It is their fault that they conducted an examination of Kralkin instead of just lifting him up like a sack of potatoes and throwing him back into the ambulance. Heck, the EMTs wasted 12 minuted in which Kralkin’s back could have been injured resulting in his paralysis instead of making sure he was okay before moving him back into the ambulance and on the way to the hospital.

In fact, none of this was anyone’s fault but Kralkin’s.

It was he who decided that the way to handle a domestic dispute was to go out and get drunk.
It was he who decided to drink to the point of death.
It was he who unlocked the belts around him on the stretcher.
It was he who walked out the door of a moving vehicle.

Drinking to excess has consequences and if Kralkin doesn’t know that, then that is on him.

He was the one that started this whole chain of events. It was his actions and his actions alone that caused this mess.

When are people going to take responsibility for their actions and deeds instead of demanding that others take care of them when they make moronic choices?

Why should the EMTs and the taxpayers of New York have to pay a dime for Kralkin’s idiocy?

We’re just tired of situations like this.

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