Intolerance Of Free Speech Raises It’s Ugly Head. Again.

Western Illinois University is a public university in Macomb, Illinois. Founded in 1899 as Western Illinois State Normal School, as the normal school grew, it became Western Illinois State Teachers College and eventually Western Illinois University.

Recently, some students decided to have a voter registration drive.

Sounds good to us. The more people that vote, the better.

However, other students, faculty and employees of the the university decided that the drive would not be allowed and blocked access to the event.

The reason?

The registration drive was put on by Students for Trump.

According to the College Fix:

The student group was shut down by employees of the university and others, however, telling Students for Trump they were not allowed to hold the drive on campus, according to various reports on the incident.

The campus employees and others had formed a human barricade, preventing other students from interacting with the registration drive, according to a detailed letter (seen below) from Speech First documenting the incident and videos posted on social media.

Clearly the idea of people discussing politics from a “pro-Trump” point of view cannot be tolerated. Likewise, a pro-Trump group signing up people to vote cannot be tolerated either.

As a public school, Western Illinois University has no right to censor this drive. Yet the school seems willing to let the incident pass without comment or repercussions to the illegal activity of not only its students, but its employees.

To Western Illinois, “Free Speech” means “speech with which we agree. No other speech, thought or legal activities allowed.”

That’s the “tolerance of the intolerant.”

2 Responses to “Intolerance Of Free Speech Raises It’s Ugly Head. Again.”

  1. Luke says:

    This election will determine the future of our country and we continue to see that the extreme left is controlling the Democratic Party. They have no respect for our laws, country, or constitution. I encourage all, democrats and republicans, to do their homework before voting. Don’t just vote along party lines, don’t just believe what you hear on cable news, look at what the issues are and what candidates have actually supported and opposed before you vote, not just what you hear from the biased media. President Trump can be offensive to some but I believe it’s because he is not just another smooth talking politician pandering to the folks for their vote and then doing something different when elected. Do some research before making your decision.

    As for the covid-19 pandemic I believe President Trump has made all the right moves in an attempt to get us through this thing without destroying the economy and our country in the process, and that no politician (left or right) could have done a better job or stopped it. If they could, we’d already have cures for other common less lethal viruses like cold and flu. We will get through this, but let’s not destroy our great country and constitution in the process.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      We agree that people should not vote along party lines, but rather vote for those people whose Constitutional idea match their own.

      This has been an election of great rancor and it is frightening on many levels. There are already groups out there saying that they will revolt if their candidate does not win.

      As for COVID, we agree that Trump did the best that he could in the face of opposition. The things he wanted to do early were derided by the left and yet the left had no alternative plan. In fact, Joe Biden did not announce a plan until April, which was months after this whole thing took off.

      What a mess.

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.