Isn’t Winning Enough?

With less than two minutes in the NFL Wild Card Playoff game between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw an interception to Ravens’ cornerback Marcu Peters that effectively ended what was a hard fought game.

Peters’ return took him to the Ravens’ sideline where, once the whistle had blown ending the play, one would expect Peters and the Ravens to celebrate.

Instead, Peters and other Ravens ran to the center of the field and started to “dance” and stomp on the Titans logo.


For what purpose?

This is an emotional football game. Sometimes you act out of emotion,” Ravens defensive end Derek Wolfe said. “I felt like it was a good time to go ahead and do that — so we did it. It wasn’t a disrespect thing. It was a team unity thing like we accomplished something as a team, so we’re going to go out there and take a little bit of revenge. I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

Baltimore defensive end Calais Campbell, who flexed on the Titans’ logo, told NFL Network when asked about the gathering at midfield: “Respect is earned.”

Yeah, the Ravens were penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike behavior, but in some ways that doesn’t seem enough.

These men get paid a lot of money to play what is essentially a game. Their actions on the field are watched by millions, including children who see them as a type of “hero” in that they want to grow up and be like them.

What are these guys teaching people? That it is okay to act like morons? To not only celebrate but to denigrate and demean your opponent, their field, and their fans?

How is it that we can’t win with grace and class anymore?

At what point in time did winning not be enough?

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