It Is Hard To Keep Up With The Madness.

Here’s an elementary school guidance counselor talking about genders, gender identity and avoiding the science:

The poster notes that they would never let this person near their children, and we agree. Educators should teach, not bring falsities into the classroom.

This next one is so bizarre. A school district which mandates masks in California is saying that if a child comes to school without a mask, they may call Child Protective Services on the parents for abandoning the child. After all, dropping a kid off at school for educational purposes is the same thing as abandonment.

Schools, School Boards and governments wonder why people are so mad and upset at restrictions and rules like this. The school is literally equating mask wearing with child abuse. When parents complain, they will claim that parents are disrespectful and escalating the issue and rhetoric.

They don’t even see their own hypocrisy.

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