It Was Dum Dums Fault.

A family out of Pennsylvania is suing Spangler Candy, the maker of Dum Dums lollipops for the injury they say the lollipop caused their child.

Mark and Kristina Matthews, of Irwin, [PA] claim a manufacturing defect led to a “near-death experience” when the candy ball slipped off the stick and lodged in their son’s throat in July 2017, according to the lawsuit.

“The defective Dum Dum sucker was unreasonably dangerous and incapable of being safely used by its intended user,” the suit said.

The candy was dislodged from the boy’s throat by Mark Matthews, the suit said. The boy was taken to a hospital for medical treatment for a throat injury.

Spangler makes millions if not billions of these lollipops every year and because one may have come off a stick that makes the product “unreasonably dangerous?” Furthermore, the lollipop is designed to be stuck in one’s mouth and licked or sucked on (hence the reference to lollipops also being called “suckers.”) If you have something in your mouth, there is a chance that it will go down your throat – a darn good chance because that’s how you eat with food traveling down your throat.

The Dum Dums Matthews are suing Spangler saying their child “was caused to endure and, in the future, will endure pain and suffering, emotional trauma, anxiety and distress, loss of life’s pleasures and inconvenience.”

Good grief.

These are the type of parents who are teaching their kids that life has no risks and they should never take responsibility for their own actions. When something goes wrong, it is never just an accident, it is always someone else’s fault. Of course, one could argue that if the parents were actually concerned parents, they could have and should have monitored the kid eating the Dum Dum and failed to provide parental oversight by not holding the lollipop for the child and or teaching the correct way to eat it.

See how that works?

Nature abhors a vacuum and as more parents abdicate responsibility or seem to not understand the word “accident,” the government will step in and fill that void. They already make silly laws on kids playing or walking back and forth to school, so one more law taking away parental rights won’t matter to them.

Then again, they won’t have to take the responsibility, “parents” like the Matthews are just willing to give it away.

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