It’s A Dog’s Life.

This is a story of why we love pets.

A friend of ours has a golden Labrador retriever that they named “Boomer.” The name comes from the fact that they were born and raised in Oklahoma and so the dog is named after Oklahoma University “Boomer Schooner.”

Boomer is a typical lab. He is a kid in an adult body. He is loyal, playful, and somewhat protective. (By “somewhat protective,” we mean that he is protective, but he doesn’t see every one as a threat. He checks you out first.)

He’s big and still thinks he is a lap dog. Boomer is a perfect dog in many ways.

Yesterday we got a message from the friend:

Today when I came home from grocery shopping an Amazon van was at our house and the driver was inside the gate playing with Boomer. He was a young kid- in his early twenties I would think.

They were even running. I sat in the car waiting for him to see that he was blocking the driveway. Watching him and Boomer having a blast. When he told Boomer “bye” Boomer jumped up and was licking the guys face.

When he saw me he said “I’m sorry. I just love Boomer. He’s the greatest dog and I take my breaks with him”

I was like- No worries, he looked like he was having fun”. I was laughing inside. I wonder how many times this kid goes in our yard and plays with Boomer?

They then sent this:

Oh… and we didn’t have a package.

We know that some will say that the Amazon driver shouldn’t be on the property and all that, but he does deliver a lot of things to the home so he has gotten to know Boomer and be friends with him. It is just wonderful to us that Boomer and the driver have become such good friends that they are play pals now – each making the others life a little better.

That’s just what pets do.

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