It’s Enough To Make You Want To Move To The Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado.

(Of course, if everyone moved there, the views shown in this video would go away.)

According to Wikipedia, the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado….

The Wet Mountain Valley is nestled beneath the biologically diverse Wet Mountains on the east, and the Sangre de Cristo Range that parallels the valley on the west. Both mountain ranges are in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains system of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

According to the region’s website,

Westcliffe and Silver Cliff are Colorado’s first designated International Dark Sky Community, and we’re the highest elevation of those sites in the world.

By “Dark Sky Community,” the people in the area do all they can to keep lighting at night to a bare minimum. This means that the community run observatory, as well as the general public gets to see spectacular views of the night sky.

The views are stunning.


Imagine if you could see the Milky Way from your front porch? If you live in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado, you can. The valley is home to Westcliffe and Silver Cliff International Dark-Sky Association Dark Sky Communities, where night sky quality is shielded from excessive light pollution through various measures taken by the citizens and the local authorities. While Wet Mountain Valley is known for the spectacular snowy mountains many visit during the day, the views are even more stunning at night.

Wow. Just wow.

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