It’s Official. People Have Lost Their Minds.

Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker was notified by Twitter that one of his posts had been reported as “hate speech.”

The tweet?

There’s a bit of a back story to Scott’s tweet.

A Republican legislator in Wisconsin is resurrecting a resolution that would officially declare the evergreen the state’s Department of Administration places in the Capitol a “Christmas tree.”

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers called the tree a holiday tree last week — a clear departure from the descriptor used by his predecessor, Republican Scott Walker, who’d labeled it a Christmas tree.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald called the liberal governor’s decision to rename said tree “PC garbage,” and Walker took to Twitter to decry the move.

Like every American, Walker has the right to disagree with a government official on any subject including renaming a Christmas tree to “Holiday Tree.”

The idea that someone could be triggered and lose their minds over this and say the Walker post is “hate speech” is stunning. Absolutely stunning.

It seems that it is getting to the point where any disagreement is labeled as “hate speech,” “racist,” “homophobic,” “misogynist,” or whatever other label can be applied to the thought and by extension, the person speaking.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” with hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt, Walker said that he had called it a Christmas tree because “that’s what it is.”

“No disrespect to people who practice other faiths, but Christ is right in the name of Christmas. That’s what this is all about, the same way that we honor those who are of different faiths,” he said.

“As you mentioned, I referenced the menorah, which is used during the Festival of Lights, part of what we traditionally think of as Hanukkah. That’s not a holiday candleholder. And we celebrate other faiths as well. Why not keep it Christmas? That’s what this tree’s all about.”.

“It’s just one of those where sometimes you think people are looking for ways to be offended,” he told the “Friends” hosts.

He added that the same state agency that deals with agriculture and trade, in “the same week that the turnaround was made to call it a holiday tree again, actually put out a release talking about the sale of what? Christmas trees.”

“It would be like having Thanksgiving and forgetting about giving thanks for what we have,” said Walker. “We just need to be thankful going into the holiday season and remember it’s a Christmas tree.”

Walker’s statement makes a great deal of sense to us.

It is just that we increasingly see problems with people who demand “tolerance” while being completely intolerant of any idea with which they disagree.

If one agrees with the governor renaming the tree in capital a “holiday tree,” voice that opinion. We’ll support your right to do that.

And we’ll even do it without claiming you are a religious bigot.

It’s a great thing when people can exchange ideas and Americans should support that exchange rather than looking to shut down speech.

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