Ivey, Lober, Fine Press Conference. Wave “Hi!” For The Cameras Robert Burns!

This is from a capture made by the folks at Space Coast Daily. The actual “meat” of the press conference begins at roughly 7:00.

We don’t know where to begin because there is a lot of things to bring up.

First, a person had made two Facebook pages on Representative Randy Fine and Commissioner Bryan Lober. The pages were highly negative in tone and content. Some of the things that were said crossed what we would consider and ethical and moral line, but they did not cross a legal line. The pages, as vile as we think they are, are still protected by the First Amendment.

There was, however, a huge problem. One of the pages purported to be from Bryan Lober himself.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into what they thought was a violation of “identity theft” which looking up the Florida statutes is in part:

(4) Any person who willfully and without authorization possesses, uses, or attempts to use personal identification information concerning a person without first obtaining that person’s consent, and who does so for the purpose of harassing that person, commits the offense of harassment by use of personal identification information, which is a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

To define the term “harass,” the statue reads:

(c) “Harass” means to engage in conduct directed at a specific person that is intended to cause substantial emotional distress to such person and serves no legitimate purpose. “Harass” does not mean to use personal identification information for accepted commercial purposes. The term does not include constitutionally protected conduct such as organized protests or the use of personal identification information for accepted commercial purposes.

We aren’t sure that political commentary is “harassment.”

But once again, the person making the vile posts crossed the line in posting images of Lober’s house, which Lober took to be a threat. We’re not sure that a picture of a home that one can get off of Google Maps or the County Appraisers’ website is makes the post a “true threat,” but we understand the sentiment.

Sheriff Ivey said his people had subpoenaed Facebook for the name of the individual. Facebook, as they should, notified the individual that they were complying with the subpoena. The reason Facebook and any company should notify the person is that the person has the right to fight the subpoena itself. (That’s a post for another day.)

Facebook complied with the subpoena and the person behind the accounts was one Robert Burns.

Robert Burns

Burns ran Kenny Johnson’s campaign for the Palm Bay City Council. He is heavily involved in other Democratic campaigns as well including currently working on Jim Kennedy’s campaign against Representative Bill Posey.

We have mentioned Burns on this blog several time for his misstating the “fighting words” doctrine when it comes to free speech, his attempt to silence critics with bogus threats of lawsuits, his ridiculous defense of the City of Palm Bay not seeking competitive bids for garbage collection after Kenny Johnson supported a behind the scenes, non-open contract negotiation with Waste Management and an epic dismantling of Burns’ comments at the Brevard County Commission by Commissioner Lober.

At the press conference, Randy Fine noted that:

And I’d like to provide some additional background on the senior Democrat political operative Robert Burns, so you understand what we are dealing with.

Mr. Burns has been charged and or convicted of crimes in North Carolina, Texas, South Carolina, and Florida, including an illegal gun possession charge right here in Brevard County.

But this is the person the Democrats think should be doing their work.

He pled out a charge of domestic violence just a few years ago in South Carolina down to pleading guilty to assault and battery of the third degree.

Right now, Mr. Burns is on pre-trial release in South Carolina, because of a felony he committed in South Carolina. I am sure they will be very interested in what happened here today. In fact, all of this has happened while Mr. Burns is on pre-trial release for this felony.

Mr. Burns is the man who ran Democrat Kenny Johnson’s campaign in Palm Bay. Many of you may know that part of the campaign involved an alleged racial slur written on one of Mr. Johnson’s signs. Someone wrote the “n-word.” I think we have a pretty good guess as to who did that at this point.

Fine continued to talk about Burns’ connection to the Democrat Party and while that connection needs to be discussed, we are more interested in Burns’ absolute hypocrisy when it comes to “civility.”

Found in the dictionary?

Burns stood in front of the County Commission multiple times calling for more civility in political discussion.

That “civility” did not extend to his own words, his own acts and the very Facebook pages he created.

In fact, while Burns was decrying Lober’s comments against Brevard Democrat Chair Stacey Patel as being misogynistic and harmful to women, Burns’ Facebook pages called women “ho’s” and “sex objects.”

We are simply gobsmacked at the arrogance and hypocrisy of Burns.

So what happens next?

First, we expect Democrats to back away from Burns. “Back away” is not correct. They should run, not walk away. Statements from Democrats such as Stacey Patel, the head of the Brevard Democratic Party must distance herself from Burns.

Jim Kennedy must relieve Burns of any and all duties and issue a statement condemning what Burns did.

Kenny Johnson has to make a statement on how his campaign manager is a hypocritical cur with a record and pending charges in another state. He also has to let people know how he spent a great deal of time with Burns and never suspected Burns or ignored the hypocrisy, the assault on a woman and the weapons charge in Brevard County.

How the heck does that happen?

If the Democrats have any sense of propriety and morals, Burns will be more radioactive to them then the inside of Chernobyl.

Lastly, we want to hear from Burns on his hypocrisy.

He once told us that “winning is all that matters and he is a winner.”

Sorry, but there is more to life than just “winning.”

There are moral and ethical stances one must take to be a decent person, mate and father.

We’ll see where this goes from here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There will be a second part to this as there were some things that bothered us about the press conference itself.

5 Responses to “Ivey, Lober, Fine Press Conference. Wave “Hi!” For The Cameras Robert Burns!”

  1. Carla says:

    Wow! I’m gobsmacked! It’s hard to understand why the Sheriff would be so rude to a Florida Today reporter for asking a simple question at a press conference! What does Ivey think a press conference is for? But then, being a Trump flunky like he is, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that his reaction to a question that he didn’t like would mirror Trump’s reaction to questions he doesn’t like. Trump has tried turning the tables on reporters, too, as well as insulting them and their newspapers. What a disgrace for our Sheriff to disparage the free media at a press conference for simply doing their job!

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thank for the comment.

      We agree somewhat with your point that Ivey was out of line and will discuss that tomorrow in another post.

      Ivey’s response to the reporter doesn’t take away what was revealed about Burn and his hypocrisy on the issue of “civility.” It doesn’t take away that while Burns complained about Lober’s comments directed at Stacey Patel as being an attack on women, Burns was doing the same thing. It doesn’t take away from the fact that while Burns was demanding civility from others, he was being as un-civil as could be.

      We would hope that people on the left would recognize and condemn this hypocrisy and then address the Ivey issue separately.

      That’s what we are doing and we hope that you join us in that discussion.

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.

  2. David says:

    Karla, you are the reason MAD magaazine is going out of business. They cannot compete with insanity like yours! Let’s talk about Ivey being rude to a reporter? I thought this was about an I.P. address and Credit Card linked to the suspect, and how the Democrats still support this guy, arrested and or found guilty of stuff in a lot of states, even a gun charge here in Brevard. How in the hell did that draft dodger Trump get in the mix? Stick to needlepoint, you do us educated lefties a disservice.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thank you for the comment.

      This is one of those cases that, in our opinion, there are multiple angles and multiple things upon which to comment.

      We took the first part of this story – the hypocrisy on display – and made this first post.

      Tomorrow, we address Ivey’s presence at the press conference and the answer to the reporter he made.

      There is a lot going on here from one simple press conference. We think the hypocrisy on display is the bigger issue, but that doesn’t mean the other issues go away.

      Finally, please don’t talk about accuse others of being insane. Not here. Not on this blog. And not to a commenter who is commenting on one aspect of the press conference.

      She doesn’t say that she agrees with what was the focus of the presser.


      Stay safe.

      A. Afterwit.

  3. Homework 2 Be Done says:

    About that sign didn’t Councilmen Anderson say he saw that sign on his way to work? And that he just happened to throw it in the back of his truck. He then contacted Mr Burns and not the candidate of whom was running Kenny Johnson. I think that Mr Johnson needs to explain to the Citizens how he had Mr Burns as his Campaign Manager knowing he had those charges on his record.

    We have been fooled by these 2 Councilmen. Do your research on candidates yourself before Voting you will be surprised at just what you will fine in up coming Candidates that what to run our City. Homework must be done.

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