Joe Biden Witnesses A Crime.

Mike the Cop is back with a video of interviewing Joe Biden who claims to have witnessed a crime.

We all need a little humor theses days.

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  1. Hometown says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Either way, I don’t think I will ever be able to be convinced this guy got more votes than any presidential candidate ever without some sort of funny business going on.

    • AAfterwit says:


      There does seem to have been some “hanky panky” in the election. What that means unclear to us at this time. If the Trump campaign has evidence of corruption, then let them put it all in front of a judge.

      However, while Biden is not the brightest of candidates, or is continually confused, we did not vote for the Biden / Harris ticket because of Biden, but because of Harris.

      As a prosecutor in Los Angeles, she criminalized parents for their children’s truancy, read to rip the parents away from children. (She then accused Trump of separating kids from parents in illegal immigration cases which is required by law.) She accused Biden of sexually assaulting women, and then agreed to be on his ticket. She covered up police misconduct in Los Angeles. Her office was reprimanded by multiple judges for withholding evidence from defendants and their council. She defended the actions there as well.

      Harris’ demand of equality and equity being the same thing is troubling on many levels as it continues to show she wants to pander to people to get their support, and break the law for those who disagree with her.

      We don’t think Biden will live through his term, so we will be left with the morally bankrupt, corrupt and pandering Harris as president.

      Trump lies / misrepresents things far too much for our liking, but Harris has never met a lie she didn’t like if it advanced her career.

      With her as President, we fear the US will be another Venezuela.

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.

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