Kudos With A Caveat.

This is an extremely difficult post to write.

We don’t want anyone for a nanosecond to think that we are against anyone or any group helping the needy in the area.

We want to make that clear.

We think that people should help those in need. It is food for the soul to help others.

That being said, we have two issues with this.

First, calling the event “Rep.Randy Fine’s Thanksgiving Eve FramShare Free Food Distribution” reeks of self promotion. Maybe it is a political thing. All we know is that there will be people at this distribution that will never be named nor do they want to be named. They work, toil and support people in anonymity because the event should focus on those needing assistance, not those helping them.

May the Lord silence all flattering lips and every boastful tongue

Psalm 12:3 (NIV)

Secondly, there is the issue of where the event is being held.

The State of Florida has a website which allows one to put in an address, and get a list of elected officials for your area.

When one enters 7350 Lake Andrew Dr., Melbourne, FL, this comes up:

(click for larger version in new tab)

The event is being held outside of Fine’s district.

Last year, there was a kerfuffle where Palm Bay Mayor Capote and Deputy Mayor Johnson were battling Fine on many issues and the City said “we don’t want the event held in Palm Bay due to traffic concerns.”

After all, it is not like Palm Bay doesn’t have huge parks or a City Hall complex where something like this could be held.

It was petty on the part of the City of Palm Bay.

Yet a new election brings new people into office and it is tough to imagine Mayor Medina saying “get that out of here.”

Which leads to the question, “is not holding the event in Fine’s district one of convenience or petty politics that don’t help the needy in the district?”

We would also argue that this would be a chance to reach out to someone like School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins with whom Fine is having a nasty, non-productive dispute to come and help at the event if she is not busy elsewhere.

Rename the event as the SOUTHERN BREVARD THANKSGIVING EVE FARMSHARE FREE FOOD DISTRIBUTION so there is no political connection and no political self promotion. Seeing Fine and Jenkins working together for a good cause would do wonders for the mood of the County. It would show that they believe the people – not politics – should be the focus of elected officials’ efforts.

Sadly, the chances of that happening are about the same as Brevard County getting a foot of snow on Christmas Day.

Helping others is always a good thing and no one should think that we believe otherwise.

When you use that help as part of self promotion or part of politics, that’s a problem to us.

We have a lot of things in this country for which to be thankful. Using an event like this to promote oneself or a political agenda is not one of those things.

We can, and should, do better.

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