“LEGALIZE LEMONADE” Is The Sweetest Thing We’ve Heard In A While.

It seems that every year there is a story about authorities shutting down a lemonade stand run by a child in their front yard:

Girl puts up lemonade stand, told to pay for business license
Child’s lemonade stand shut down for no permit
Police shut down girls’ lemonade stand for lack of permit

After all, we can’t have kids learning the value of hard work. We can’t let them indulge in the entrepreneurial spirit of America, can we?

We can’t let a kid sell lemonade without government intervention!

The makers of Country Time Lemonade have seen enough. The company is organizing to help people make lemonade stands legal in all fifty states without the bureaucratic hassles and permits.

The company is even offering to help pay for fines and permits for lemonade stands.

While we have no delusions that more lemonade stands won’t help Country Time sell more lemonade products, they are putting their money where their lemons are. We have to applaud and appreciate that.

As it stands, there are only 15 states that allow lemonade stands without permits, licenses, etc.

Florida is not one of those states.

(stands legal in yellow states)

That’s right, a state that relies on lemons as an agricultural product tells kids, “you can’t sell lemonade without paying us money!”

What is wrong with that picture? (Besides everything.)

There are many things that divide this country right now. There is talk and fear of “Civil War 2.0” and all that.

Can’t we all agree that kids selling lemonade is a good thing? Can’t we come together on that one, small, tiny issue and tell legislators how we feel and how we don’t want lemonade stands to be criminalized?

Can’t we get those same legislators to act and do the right thing?

We sure hope so.

For more information on this visit the “Country Time Legalize Lemonade” web page here.

PS – does anyone but us remember going to carnivals and state fairs where you could buy a lemon with a peppermint candy cane straw stuck in it? Are those things still sold?

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