“Let’s (Not) Have A ‘Discussion.'”

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The current government shutdown is because Democrats are refusing to fund a border wall – a wall that they have supported in the past.

In 2009, while speaking at Georgetown University, Sen. Schumer, D-NY, said “illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple.” Indirectly referencing over 600 miles of border fence that had already been built, he literally claimed it was a “significant barrier to illegal immigration.” This is exactly President Trump’s position about completing the border wall, almost word for word.

Schumer is also on record, and on video, as having said, “One of the most effective things we do on the border is turn people back … they get up to the border and we find them and say, ‘go home!’” Again, this is President Trump’s position, almost word for word.

House Minority Leader and incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., also had a different position on borders. In 2008 she said, “Because we do need to address the issue of immigration and the challenge we have of undocumented people in our country. We certainly do not want any more coming in.”

Even Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner for president took a hard line on illegal immigration as late as 2014 saying, “We have to send a clear message that just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean your child gets to stay. We don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.”

Nancy and Hillary sound a lot like President Trump, again almost verbatim.

In 2013 every single Democrat in the Senate — all 54 of them — voted for $46 billion in border security, which included 700 miles in border fencing. Yet today, the Democrats are willing to shut down the government over just $5 billion dollars.

To most people $5 billion is an inconceivable amount of money. To Congress it’s lunch money.

During a meeting at the White House the other day, Democrats were not interested in talking about the need for a wall.

Democratic lawmakers brought a border security briefing at the White House to a screeching halt Wednesday, refusing to even listen to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, a White House official tells The Daily Caller.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy echoed this version of events to reporters outside the White House immediately after the briefing, saying, “Once the secretary started, Schumer interrupted her and didn’t want to hear it.”


The White House official told TheDC that both Pelosi and Schumer refused to hear out Nielsen’s briefing and instead advocated for two solutions to end the government shutdown. Neither of the Democratic options would provide the additional funding for border security requested by The White House.

“Democrats in the room either don’t care that there is a humanitarian crisis on the border or just prefer ignorance. It was incredibly disheartening that they don’t want to know the facts when making policy,” DHS Spokeswoman Katie Waldman said in a statement to TheDC.

We often hear of people saying “we want a discussion on this issue,” but once again we see that Democrats are not willing to discuss anything. In their minds, “discuss” means “if we wanted your opinion, we’d tell you what it is.”

In the meantime, things aren’t getting better because of the Democrats stalling and political posturing.

The U.S. Border Patrol is reporting a 300 percent increase from last year in violence at the San Diego border crossing with illegal immigrants assaulting agents.

According to a report from ABC-affiliate KGTV in San Diego, the accentuated aggression has spiked since the arrival of the migrant caravan that first arrived in Tijuana in late November. There have been a rash of reported border incidents since the caravan parked at the San Diego border crossing.

San Diego Border Sector Chief Rodney Scott released the information Thursday to KGTV.

In a skirmish on New Year’s Day, a rock-throwing migrant managed to hit a border guard in the face.

“These incursions are organized they are bringing people down there for the express purpose of provoking a confrontation,” said Border Patrol agent Joshua Wilson, who adds that the incidents should provide ample evidence to Americans of the need for a border wall. (RELATED: Migrant Caravan Demand: Give Us Each $50,000 Or Let Us In)

“Having that barrier helps prevent many assaults on agents and that’s something the public really needs to understand,” said Wilson. “It’s not just a border security measure it’s a measure for agents safety as well.”

Either America has the will to enforce its laws or it does not. It is that simple. Not listening to a briefing is churlish but frankly, not unexpected from Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrats.

4 Responses to ““Let’s (Not) Have A ‘Discussion.'””

  1. Percy Veer says:

    It’s pretty obvious (based on their previous statements) that their whole agenda is based on political posturing and trying to make Trump look bad, not doing what is right for the safety and security of our country. That said, I’d like to see our elected officials focus more on why folks try to come here illegally – it’s because of all the free stuff they get (education, health care, etc) – it’s time to shut down these programs to remove the main incentives for coming here illegally. I would imagine if illegal immigrants couldn’t work, get an education, buy or rent a place to live, open a bank account, etc it wouldn’t make any sense to try to come here illegally. As long as we continue to provide these incentives folks will keep coming illegally, wall or no wall.

    I saw a survey saying 78% of the country believes illegal immigration is the number one issue in our country and our new house leads its new session with HB1 to try to get Trump to realease his previous tax returns, really looking forward to another two years of trump derangement syndrome from the socialists ?.

  2. Bob Chadwick says:

    A wall to separate the USA from México is the most abysmally stupid idea that has been put forth by the self-serving idiots that have been given access to govern our nation by a populace that lost its ability to think for itself many years ago.

    The last time anyone tried something as stupid and ineffective as a wall was in Berlin. Look how “successful” that was. All we will see with “president” Trump’s wall will be a never ending stream of people climbing over it or tunneling under it.

    The only way that we will stop the influx of illegal immigrants is to eliminate the “free stuff” that our government is providing. Employment, education, financial assistance, housing, the list goes on.

    Sure, it’s tough to see your kids not getting enough to eat, or medical attention. But, if you don’t like it, go back to where you came from.

    Make them enter legally and do not give them such benefits unless they are able to prove that they are here legally.

  3. Percy Veer says:

    I am not a big wall fan, just like I hate the idea of a law requiring congress to only spend what they bring in as revenue (i.e. Taxes) instead of deficit spending that continually grows our debt. Unfortunately, in both cases we don’t seem to have elected officials with the backbone to do the right thing so maybe the wall and a balanced budget law is required to force them to do their job. Otherwise we are in for more political posturing and “what about the children” arguments for the foreseeable future. A wall might not be the ultimate solution but it definitely won’t increase illegal immigration and sends a message that our country is serious about stopping illegal immigration and protecting the security of our country.

    • Josephine says:

      Very informative article and excellent comments from Percy and Bob. I’d like to add on a couple of food for thought ideas.

      My great grandparents entered this country by working on the Erie Canal. My be President Trump plans to repeat history and not just hand-out freebies to this generation of immigrants but wants to offer another jobs’ program to those that qualify.

      I agree we do have a sad scenario in this country today. The established rule-of-law immigration process is not being enforced due to budget, schedules, and those that think they should change the rules as they go.


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