Life Lessons We Learned From Fields Of Play.

Years ago we sat in a room beneath an old gym on our college campus. It was the first class of a couple of classes on learning to be a sports official. It was not a credited course but rather training to officiate intramural sports. (The pay was much better than a minimum wage job.)

In front of us stood one of the officiating legends of NCAA. Before we even sat in that dank room, we knew of this guy. He was the head official and supervisor of officials in one of the Big 5 conferences and he would soon accept a job as head of officiating at the NCAA.

In other words, he was no lightweight in the world we were about to enter.

One of the lessons he imparted on us was rather simple.

“People that complain about others cheating are usually the biggest cheats themselves.”

As we officiated games throughout our college years and then later in life, we found that little piece of advice to be true. If a coach is complaining about a pitcher balking, they wanted us to call the balk on the opposing pitcher, but would go berserk when a balk was called on their pitcher. Holding in a football game? Same thing. Coaches wanted to disparage the other team while demanding that we never called a penalty on them.

We’ve been thinking about this as there are some accusations out there that a candidate is writing posts for this blog. We’ve covered and commented on a lot of elections over the years, and that’s a new one on us.

It’s funny that after all the stuff we went through with Facebook on our account because people attacking us wanted us to be “real people” (as opposed to the bots that are writing this post (sarcasm off)) are making these allegations from fake Facebook accounts themselves.

They demand that we be “open and transparent,” yet they don’t even bother to ask us if our posts are written by any candidate.

It is clear to us that those who make these allegations are doing so because they either are doing fake posts on other platforms or would do fake posts on other platforms.

The ol’ lessons from the athletic fields comes back into play: “those who scream the loudest are the ones most likely to be cheating themselves.”

For the record, (assuming that the people who make unfounded allegations have even bothered to read this far) we don’t take posts from political candidates. We never have and never will. We have published letters from candidates as part of commentary we write, but those letters are well labeled as being from a candidate and as we said, are part of a post, and not an entire post itself.

The bottom line is this: If someone wants to claim that a candidate is writing posts for this blog, they are liars. The truth is not within them.

If the truth is not within them, what does that tell you about the candidates they support?

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