Living Large As A Turtle.


After the radio show yesterday we scooted on home and watched the recording of the Maryland vs. Hopkins NCAA lacrosse quarterfinal game.

Final score: Maryland 11 Hopkins 5.

On to the semi-finals!

Maryland played a type of game that lacrosse fans do not like. The Terps slowed the pace down while incurring 13 stall warnings for the game. Lacrosse is known as the “fastest game on two feet,” but the game seemed a little more like the “fastest games turtles play.” How slow was the game? Not only did Maryland receive all those stall warnings, Hopkins had only 16 shots, the lowest total in its NCAA Tournament history that spans 40 years and 99 games.

But this game was more than just about the pace.

Unofficial time-of-possession stats, according to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, had Maryland with a roughly 2-to-1 advantage, thanks to the Terps winning the groundball (26-15), face-off (12-8 and turnover (Hop had 14 to UM’s 10) battles.

Additionally, Hopkins cleared just 14-of-21, down from their 89% rate on the season.

This was the Maryland team fans had wanted to see all year. Their passes were crisp and on target. Best of all the defense, led by goalie Niko Amato, were outstanding. Hopkins is a little deeper and more talented than Maryland, and the Maryland defenders never let the Hopkins’ offense breathe.

It is a good day in Turtleland.

In the other game of the day, Loyola insured it will be an all state of Maryland final after sending Denver back to the Rockies by a score of 10 – 9. Loyola will play the Terps next Saturday at either 2:30 or 5 PM. If the game is at 5 PM, we will be back from the radio station. If it is a 2:30 PM start, …… oh Lord, please don’t put us in that position.

The game should be a good one. Maryland and Loyola are rivals in that many of the players on both teams know each other from high school and club lacrosse teams. The style of play is different as well. As we said, Maryland plays much slower while Loyola enjoys a much faster, frenetic pace with lots of shots.

At stake is a slot in the NCAA Championship game on Memorial Day.

(And to be honest, being from the state of Maryland we are thrilled to have a team from the “Old Line State” in the finals no matter what.)

We are definitely looking forward to next Saturday.

Fear the Turtle!

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