Macau Grand Prix 2018- F3 Accident.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The audio on this video is quite loud. You may want to turn your speakers / headphones down.

Seventeen year old German F3 driver Sophia Florsch survived this horrific crash in Macau, China.

Reports are that Florsch was driving on the fastest part of the street circuit after a restart. Her tires were not up to temperature when she was nudged by another driver sending her onto the curbing which launched her car into the air. She then flew over another car, striking it and causing her car to careen into the corner wall.

She was doing over 172 miles per hour when she went airborne.

Florsh fractured her spine and was scheduled to be operated on a few days ago. Other people hurt included two track workers, a photographer and the driver of the yellow and white car Florsh flies over. All had relatively minor injuries and are basically fine.

We wouldn’t consider ourselves a “fan” or auto racing, but we follow it to some extent. This is one of the worst accidents we have ever seen and it is fortunate that no one was killed.

We wish everyone a speedy recovery.

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