Member Of The Majority.

We doubt that Mark Robinson realized that his impromptu speech before the Greensboro City Council would become viral. We doubt that when he rose he was going to give a speech that encapsulates the thinking of people who support the right of people to bear arms.

The City Council was looking to ban two guns shows that are held yearly in a City owned facility. The Mayor had made it clear that she was looking to end the shows.

During public comments, Mark Robinson spoke.

In a way, the whole exercise from the Council was for naught:

But then the City Attorney let council members know in a memo, that they don’t have the authority to cancel it.

The City Attorney says Coliseum Director Matt Brown has full control over what events are held at the events center because of his contract. That means the decision to cancel the gun show would be up to him.

But while the council can’t cancel the show, they can decide where the proceeds will go.

At the meeting, City Council voted to give all proceeds from this year’s Gun and Knife Show to the Greensboro Police Departments’ Gun Stoppers program. The program aims to get illegal guns of the street.

According to the Coliseum, the two gun shows each year bring in an estimated revenue of $84,000.

Frankly, we love this solution. Legal and lawful citizens can get what they want and the proceeds from the shows will go to removing illegal weapons held by criminals out of the community.

We’d call that a win-win.

One Response to “Member Of The Majority.”

  1. Alice Addertongue says:


    Sounds like Greensboro is like many of our local municipalities. “OUR rules are THE rules” until they are challenged.

    The problem is, as Mr. Robinson pointed out in the video is that so few of the majority will stand up and make that challenge.