Might As Well…

The other day during a press briefing, President Trump showed the video below.

While we admit there are mistakes in the video, there are several things that need to be noted. Foremost, the media was part of spreading the story that there as nothing to worry about. So called “experts” in and out of the government at every level got the spread of COVID-19 wrong. That error can be blamed on a lot of factors, but it is clear that the most compelling factor was the cover-up by the World Health Organization and the Chinese.

CNN literally cut away from the video while it was being played saying they were there for a briefing and not a a video. It can be argued that CNN, like most of the media, did not like having their own errors shown while trying to blame everyone else.

We aren’t sure how we feel about this video. We really aren’t. Still, in that most networks didn’t show it and only attacked Trump for showing it, we think people may like to see what was shown and make up their own minds.

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