Monopoly for Millennials. We Kid You Not.

“Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway.”

The fine folks at Hasbro have come out with a new version of the classic board game Monopoly called “Monopoly for Millennials.”

Money doesn’t always buy a great time, but experiences, whether they’re good — or weird — last forever. The Monopoly for Millennials game celebrates just that. Instead of collecting as much cash as possible, players are challenged to rack up the most Experiences to win. Travel around the gameboard discovering and visiting cool places to eat, shop, and relax. Interact with other players via Chance and Community Chest cards, (which are super relatable). And players don’t pay rent — they visit one another, earning more Experience points. This board game is a great way to bring a fun and relaxed vibe to a party or casual get-together.

Oh yay. Doesn’t this just warm your heart?

Unboxing video:

MONOPOLY FOR MILLENNIALS GAME: Adulting is hard; take a break from the rat race with this edition of the Monopoly game

PARTY BOARD GAME: This Monopoly game is a great choice for Millennials who need a break from the life of adulting; great for parties and get-togethers

CHOOSE COOL PLACES AND DESTINATIONS: Collect Experience points by visiting the hottest Destinations — from your Friend’s Couch, to the Vegan Bistro, to a Week-Long Meditation Retreat

SET THE TREND: Collect money from players who visit the Destinations you discovered first

IT’S ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE: In this version of the Monopoly game, the player who collects the most Experience — not the most money — wins the game.

It gets even worse. This following is a game play video:

We can’t figure out if this is a parody of millennials or a statement on the lives of millennials. Maybe it is both.

The other thing we can’t figure out is “the player who collects the most Experience — not the most money — wins the game.

How can that be? In the world of millennials, winning and losing is a horrible concept. Can’t the game just give all of the players participation trophies so no ones feelings are hurt when they don’t “win?”

We can’t wait for the government program which will provide the game to all who want it.

“Free,” of course.

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