More From The AT&T Front.

Service to U-Verse was restored – sort of.

We were still having issues with the TV service and after calling the call center, we got the shock of our lives.

We spoke to someone who was understanding and fairly competent.

After telling him what we had done to address the issue (warm boot ups, cold boots, rechecking all cables, etc.) he said “you need a new box!”

Oh joy.

The guy processed an order for a new box that would be scheduled to arrive in a couple of days.

However, the box’s issues got worse. Much worse.

We have a extra box that is wireless and so we swapped out the hard wired box for a wireless box that we ran with CAT5 cable. We got it set up and after 5 minutes, it started to act the same way. Arrgh!!!

We called in again and spoke to someone who was just as good if not better!

We walked him through what we had done and he said “let me run some tests.” He came back and said “your box is not registering as being hooked up.”

I let him hear that the tv was getting some limited picture and sound and he said “we’ll send a technician out.” Shockingly, he said “we have an open appointment for 4 – 8 PM tonight.”

Before I could say anything, he said “I realize that it is 5 PM, but we have a tech that can get to you.”


Just as we finished the call, the TV crackled and the picture came back on – solid as a rock.

A few minutes later, we got a call from the tech saying he was coming from Cocoa and wanted to know the issue. We told him what had happened and then said that the problem seems to have been fixed. We didn’t want him to drive 30 – 40 minutes from Cocoa and not be able to actually show him an issue.

He then told us that he appreciated that we were looking out for him and that he would keep the ticket open and call us tomorrow. He also gave us his phone number in case something changed. (Once again proving that the outside people “get it.”)

We hung up the phone happy as a clam and got another call from AT&T. This one was from the last inside person we had spoken with. He was calling to make sure we had heard from the tech. HOLY U-VERSE BATMAN! Follow up from AT&T!!

We explained what happened and he said that if we were happy, he would close the call on his end and let the tech handle it.

We were happy and told him so. We also said that in the past week, we had talked to many people at AT&T and he and the person we spoke to this afternoon were the best and a credit to their jobs.

And he was.

There is a part of us that want “Vince” to be made a supervisor so he can teach others the art of customer service, but that would deny others the ability to interact with someone like him.

It has been 4 hours now and we are still rock solid with U-Verse. We are doing the Snoopy happy dance.

Next up is fixing the heat issue within the computer. That is an easy fix (we think it is just dust) but will have to wait to get a certain part to blow the dust out. (That part is a bike pump. We have a air can that can be recharged with a bike pump. Works great, but our bike pump seems to have developed a bad case of dry rot on the hose. No biggie.)

We might be coming out of the woods on this.

Whodda ever thunk that?

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