More Fun With AT&T.

They dragged us back into the world of “what the aitch ee double hockey sticks?”

We didn’t want to go, but it was inevitable.

Yesterday, we got an email from AT&T reminding us to return the television box they had sent last week. The only problem is that we never got a new receiver – we refused the delivery after the problem was resolved the night before.

The email said if we didn’t return the receiver, AT&T would charge us $150.00 (for a unit we never received.)

We called AT&T’s Technical Support Group as they were the ones who sent the unit. That call went rather well. We explained the problem and the tech guy said he understood but couldn’t help so he was going to send us to “Level 2 Support.” That person was helpful but told us the issue of being charged for a item we never took possession of would have to be resolved by the “Sales Department” and they were closed for the night.

The representative said he had put a large note on our account so the Sales Department would understand what was going on.

“All you have to do is call in tomorrow and when the mechanical man asks you where you want to go, just say ‘Sales,’ the representative told us.

It sounded too easy.

It didn’t go well.

The next day we called in and said “Sales” to the mechanical man. Repeatedly.

We got a representative and explained the issue to her. She said all we had to do was return the unit. No matter how many times we explained to her there was no unit to return, it never registered. We asked her to read the note on our account explaining the situation.

She couldn’t.

It seems the communication giant of AT&T doesn’t allow people in Sales to read notes left by the Technical Support Group.

She then told us that if the unit was not returned, they would bill me and I could dispute the charges at that point.


We asked to speak with a supervisor as clearly our attempt to not be charged for something we never possessed was beyond her understanding.

She said she fully understood the issue. We asked her to explain it.

She said “last Friday you got a new receiver via FedEx and you want to make sure the unit you returned is not billed to you.”

“We never received the unit – we refused delivery!”

“Then all you have to do is return the original,” she said.

With as much patience as we could muster, we said, “are you listening to us right now?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“This is the sound of a customer hanging up on you.” (CLICK!)

We called in about an hour later and after saying “Sales” to the mechanical man many times, we got another representative. We explained the problem and he said he would love to help us, but he was in Technical Support. (We kid you not.)

We laughed.

There was nothing else to do but laugh.

Eventually he spoke with someone in Sales and they seem to have straightened the situation out.

(At least that is what we hope. We aren’t holding our breath on it.)

Oh well.

Onward and upward.

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