More On Blind Squirrels.

Yesterday in a post we talked about how Orly Taitz and alleged “expert” Paul Irey had trotted out another document which they claim is a forgery.

One of the things we addressed was the size of the “USA’s” on the document. We read Irey’s claim to mean that at least one was different size from the others. A friend called today and said that he thought that Irey was claiming that the “USA’s” were different in size from other information in the document.

We pulled the text from two other places on the document – line 1a where the title is listed and also line 4a, where the Copyright Claimants are listed.

We did the same thing as we had done previously. We have already demonstrated that all of the “USA’s” are the same size, so we cut the “USA” from line 2a, changed to hue to some shade of ugly orange, and then changed the opacity to be able to see the shape below it.


As you can see, the letters and sizes match up perfectly. Even if we misunderstood what Irey was trying to say, it doesn’t matter. He is wrong no matter which way he tries to spin this.

Just another day in the office where a blind squirrels go hungry.

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