Mucking About With SPRA.

We are somewhat hesitant to post this, but we have permission so here goes.

Tonight at 7:15 PM at the David R. Schechter Center, North Entry, 1098 S. Patrick Drive, the South Patrick Residents Association (SPRA) will host their normal meeting.

Of interest will be a presentation on de-mucking in the area:

Brevard County Muck Dredging Update at the April SPRA Meeting

Walker Dawson, PE, from the Brevard County Natural Resources Management Department, will present an update on the Grand Canal Muck Dredging Project at the April 8th SPRA meeting, 7:15 pm at the David R. Schechter Center, (DRSC) located at the north entranceway. He will give specific information about what will occur under the permits that have been issued and the expected time frame for the project. After the presentation there will be a question and answer opportunity for SPRA members.

Grand Canal Muck Dredging Waiver

The Grand Canal Muck Removal Project will take place within the canal system to remove muck that has accumulated over the years. At present, there is a ten (10) foot setback from seawalls, docks, and other structures, but each property owner may execute a release of liability to allow the contractor to dredge as close as five (5) feet from any of their structures. Please click on the links provided below for more information and the release form.

SPRA is a private organization and therefore they can set the rules for their meeting. SPRA is graciously opening their meeting to others as the information Walker Dawson presents may be relevant to other people in the area.

SPRA is hoping that people realize that their residents and members come first as they are the ones that put the meeting together. They can also have people escorted out of the meeting if people are disruptive or fail to follow the rules and guidelines from the Chairperson running the meeting.

If you have pointed, direct and concise questions, there may be time for even non-residents to ask those questions, but please, do not go off on some rambling soliloquy about the project itself. That is not what the meeting is about. It is informational as to the process, the timing, waivers, etc.

Please be respectful during the meeting, the presentation and the question and answer session.

SPRA is taking a risk by opening this meeting up to the general public given what has happened at some other meetings concerning this topic. Please do not destroy their faith in the general goodness of people in the area.

One Response to “Mucking About With SPRA.”

  1. Locally Involved says:

    We attended the SPRA meeting, which was very informative.

    Yes, there are always going to be those who look out only for themselves, even though their interests may prove to be temporary issues in the long run.

    And there are those who bring up issues in isolation, throwing out a few numbers that, in order to be honestly relevant, should be better related to and grounded in reality.