New Audi “E Tron” is a “Turd.”

One of the commercials that was rated highly by people was Audi’s commercial for their new car, the “E Tron.”

The commercial features a man who goes to heaven with perfect weather, sees his old home, his grandfather and gets to drive the E Tron. The punch line is that the man has to come back to earth when a cashew is dislodged from his throat by the Heimlich maneuver. No more heaven.

The problem is that while Audi wants to sell the car world-wide, the name “etron” in French translates to “turd.


We remember when Euro-Disney (Disneyland Paris) opened, the section of the park called “Frontierland” was a recreation of the American wild west and was sponsored by the car maker Volvo.

Unfortunately, with French staffing the area, when they greeted guest with “Howdy!” it came out “Audi!”

Welcome to the “global economy.”

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