New York’s DeBlasio Believes The Constitution Doesn’t Matter – And Neither Do The Laws He Signed.

This is simply disgusting.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has banned large gatherings in the city until the end of September, saying, “We just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now.” But he’s making one big exception: Black Lives Matter protests.

“This is a particular moment in American history where 400 years of oppression, 400 years of racism are being addressed in a very, very powerful way that can’t compare to anything else,” he says, “and people’s voices needed to be heard.”

Privileging some speech is bound to infuriate everyone who isn’t allowed to gather when they think it is just as important; he’s basically begging any group with any pride to also challenge the ban.

And rightly so, because the mayor is engaging in blatant viewpoint discrimination, which is blatantly unconstitutional — and guarantees the courts will support those who defy him.

In short, if you are protesting for a cause in which DeBlasio believes, you are good to go.

Everyone else, well, your speech is banned. As the article states, this is “viewpoint discrimination” which is where the government allows or favors speech based on what the speech says. For example, DeBlasio tried to ban outdoor gatherings of religious groups, but here is allowing large groups of protestors. The only difference is what the groups are saying.

The interesting thing here is that one of the claims made by some of the more militant protesters of the BLM movement is that COVID-19 is more prevalent in minorities.

If banning large groups of people is an effective way of slowing down exposure to COVID-19, doesn’t that mean that DeBlasio is targeting minorities that are taking part in the protests and returning to their homes and neighborhoods?

Maybe he is just trying to show the “systemic racism” within the system by allowing more minorities to become infected?

Heck, de Blasio (along with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Tish James) is already under a federal injunction not to ban large outdoor religious gatherings, after three ­Orthodox Jews and two Catholic priests went to court because protests but not services were being allowed.

DeBlasio and other lawmakers never seem to care that they take an oath to the Constitution and to the laws of their state.

Laws are for other people – the common person – and not them.

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