No, This Is Not A Repeat.

It seems like only yesterday that we were commenting on the appearance of a conflict of interest and impropriety between the legal representation of David Isnardi, husband of District 5 County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi by fellow Commissioner Bryan Lober from District 2.

In his motion filed on May 10, 2019, Lober wrote:

COMES NOW, Bryan Andrew Lober and enters this Notice of Limited Appearance on behalf of Mr. Isnardi. Undersigned counsel’s appearance limited to representation of Mr. Isnardi at initial/first appearance in order to secure appropriate bond conditions. It is not undersigned counsel’s intention to continue representation of Mr. Isnardi past initial/first appearance scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 11, 2019.

As the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated in their May 10th press conference that the charges against Isnardi (and Aquiar) we “no bond,” we felt the appearance of Lober was perfunctory as he would be basically nodding and saying “yes, your Honor.”

In other words, while the appearance on Isnardi’s behalf was troubling, it was minor. It should not have happened (and Lober was advised not to do it,) but the effect elsewhere would not be that great of a deal.

We should have known better.

After telling the Court he would not be representing Isnardi past the Saturday hearing, Lober filed a Emergency Motion to Reduce, Modify or Set Bond” on behalf of Isnardi and filed it with the Court on May 12, 2019, the day after he stated his representation and involvement in the case would end.

We can’t figure out if this reflects more on lawyers in general of Lober specifically.

What does matter is that Lober went from a perfunctory appearance, to actual legal work done past the date he said he would not continue.

We now are clearly in the camp that believes Lober’s representation of Isnardi to be a case of the appearance of impropriety.

No one can expect Lober and Isnardi to be separate and unique votes on the Commission when both are working on the same outside interest – that of getting Dave Isnardi out of jail.

This type of impropriety – actual or the appearance of – is not what the County and its residents need and demand.

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