Now “Getting A Rock” For Halloween Will Cost You Before Halloween.

We all remember the line from the Halloween classic It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown of “I got a rock.”

There are so many good lines from the 1966 Emmy nominated show that it is hard to think that it wouldn’t be on broadcast TV forever. It was almost a ritual, you know. Grab some popcorn, some candy, the kids and watch the show.

Linus: Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He’s gotta pick this one. He’s got to. I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.

Alas, no more.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown will now be streamed on Apple TV+:

Apple TV+ has teamed with WildBrain, along with Peanuts Worldwide and Lee Mendelson Film Productions, to become the home for all things Peanuts, bringing together new original series and specials, along with iconic, beloved specials to fans around the world, all in one place.

New animated Peanuts originals coming to Apple TV+ include a second season of the Daytime Emmy-nominated Snoopy in Space, and a slate of brand-new specials that will find the Peanuts gang marking Mother’s Day, Earth Day, New Year’s Eve and Back to School – all to be produced by WildBrain’s animation studio. The new series and specials join the previously announced The Snoopy Show, premiering February 5, 2021; a brand-new Peanuts 70th anniversary documentary film from Imagine Documentaries and WildBrain, set to premiere next year; and the Daytime Emmy Award-winning Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10.

The original programs and new specials will also soon stream globally alongside iconic Peanuts specials, including A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The Halloween special will begin streaming globally on Apple TV+ on October 19, and will be available for free from October 30 until November 1 as a special treat on Apple TV+.

While you don’t have to pay for the show completely, you still have to sign up for Apple TV+ to watch the show.

While losing over-the-air access to It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is bad enough, also gone is A Charlie Brown Christmas.

All of the “Charlie Brown” specials treat the insecurity and joy of growing up with great poignancy and humor.

Heck, the only “modern” dance we can do we learned from A Charlie Brown Christmas.:

(We also have to say that while we never had an interest in learning the piano, seeing Snoopy play the guitar was a driving force behind us learning to play. How can you not want to play when you are having such fun with a guitar in your hand?)

We get it.

Times change.

In many ways we are starting to sound like elderly people who scream “get off the grass!” or make comparisons between people today and yesteryear.

Would it be too much to ask that some beloved childhood memories not be ripped from our collected conscience? Can’t some things be left alone?

There’s a reason some things are “traditions” and streaming Charlie Brown is not a tradition.

And stay off the daggone grass!

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