Oh Dear Lord.

Brought To You By The Letters W. T. and H.

While we were wondering what we going to write about today, one of our staff ninjas called and said they had just gotten off the phone with their mother.

The mother is a liberal Democrat while the staff member leans to the right. The mother wonders what happened to their child and why they went to the right.

Somehow today’s conversation started with the mother saying her church was organizing to send people to Washington D.C. to protest during the Trump Inauguration. The mother wasn’t sure of how appropriate the actions of the church were and wondered if the church should stay out of politics.

We certainly disagree with that assessment. After all, from the time of the American Revolution through the Civil War to the Women’s Suffrage movement to the Civil Rights movement, churches have always played a large roll in the shaping of America.

The staffer responded that he supported the church’s right to speak up and have their voice heard. He also said that given that most church members lean to the right, he suspected that the backlash and counter speak would be pretty loud.

This brought out the first “WTH?” moment.

“Well, people shouldn’t say anything bad about a church or a pastor,” the mother said. “That isn’t right.”

So it is okay for the church and the pastor to speak out against people and things, but not for people to speak out against the pastor’s ideas and church plans?


The second “WTH?” moment was when the mother said that Trump will stand up at the inaugural parties and wave like “an idiot.”

When the staffer pointed out that the inaugural balls and parties celebrations generally private affairs and that nothing much should be made of them – and certainly not anything like “waving.” – the mother replied, “Trump will do that and it will show his lack of class.”


Low class.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attend the Southern Inaugural Ball on January 21, 2009 (Courtesy Getty Images.)

Finally, the mother took a shot at Melania Trump.

“She shouldn’t even be the First Lady because she can’t speak English well,” she said.

The mother is a charming woman and we don’t want to pick on her, but for the record….

While Melania was not the focal point of this election cycle, it is interesting to note that she speaks five languages including Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German. Being that her husband will be spending time with dignitaries from across the globe, Melania’s linguistic abilities may come in handy at White House functions and events. This makes her also the first First Lady whose first language was not English and also mark the first First Lady who was fluent in more than two languages. Before Melania, The Professional Interpreter reports that First Lady Lou Hoover spoke English and Mandarin Chinese, Jacqueline Kennedy spoke French fluently and knew a little of Spanish, and Pat Nixon spoke some functional Spanish. Therefore, Melania’s five language fluency is another big first for the White House.


It is somewhat of a tenant of conservative thought that once a person immigrates to the United States, they should look to integrate into society and the easiest way to do that is by learning the English language. Seems to us that Melania Trump has managed that quite well.

We just cannot imagine a scenario where speaking five languages – including English – means that a person should not be the First Lady. Not only that, was the country voting on First Ladies? Is that what the election was about?

There are some things we just don’t understand and the thought patterns of some people on the left often heads that list.

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