One Government’s “Creative Solution” To Curb Sidewalk Counseling.

Back in April of 2020, David Benham was arrested for just being in public while abiding by every word of a local government proclamation. David is the President of Cities4Life, a nonprofit organization in Charlotte, North Carolina, that provides counseling to pregnant women near abortion clinics in a prayerful and peaceful way.

Like so many pro-life ministries, Cities4Life provides women with vital social services and meets many of their material and financial needs, including baby clothes, furniture, maternity clothes, groceries, and even money for rent, utilities, car repair, gas, prenatal care, and follow up ultrasounds.

Yet, even though David and Cities4Life were abiding by the law, they were arrested while standing outside the abortion business.

This was a brazen violation of the group’s First Amendment freedom of speech. With the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, Benham and Cities4Life filed a lawsuit against this constitutionally unjustified arrest.

The government can’t single out and punish people for expressing their point of view. The government is meant to be freedom’s biggest protector, not its greatest threat.

Now, it’s time to take action in courtrooms and in the public square, and pass on these hard-earned freedoms to the next generations.

No matter how you feel about abortion, this action by the police of Charlotte, NC is ridiculous.

Somewhere there is some city official and or some police official who made this happen.

If the City can prosecute and persecute the legal actions of people without consequences – both as a City and personally – they have to be accountable.

Cities 4 Life is being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom.

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