One Voice, A Flash Mob, And A Godzilla Christmas Tree.

Busy music day as our annual “Christmas Music Extravaganza!” slowly begins to wind down.

Today we are offering something that is not truly a Christmas song, but as it was performed as part of the Holiday Celebration program by the USAF Band, we think it qualifies.

This holiday season The USAF Band offers the beautiful song, “One Voice”…a reminder that together we can create a better world. Watch until the end as one voice becomes a chorus inside the stunning Washington National Cathedral. Let the power of unity light the way throughout this season.

We are going back to 2014 for the USAF’s flash mob at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. The space shuttle in the background will always be a source of pride and remembrance to those of us on the Space Coast. We hope it and the music is an inspiration as well.

Finally, we offer up “Treezilla! The Godzilla Christmas Tree.”

Treezilla – The Godzilla Christmas Tree! Made out of 4x Christmas trees, 10m chicken wire, weedmat, lights, fog machine, plastic teeth, and paper claws

The best comment from the comments on this video is the first one:

I’m afraid to show this to my husband, because then he’d want one.

And your point?

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