Open Thread – The Elections.

Tomorrow is election day here in the states and frankly we can’t wait for it to be over. Frankly, we are a bit tired.

We know that we have put lot of time and effort into getting facts out there. We have been attacked by people who don’t like facts and certainly that is their right.

The bottom line for us is that while we have been doing a lot of talking, we wanted to set up this thread for you. Say whatever you want in the comments. Make your last pitch for a cause or candidate. Keep it civil, of course, but put your thoughts out there. We want to hear from you.

Have at it.

The Staff at Raised on Hoecakes.

8 Responses to “Open Thread – The Elections.”

  1. Frances says:

    Can’t help but wonder if condominium associations will be impacted or have a conflict with the present land development code definition on ‘height of’

    LDC definitions & Ordnance 1625.
    Land Development Code (LDC) definitions are suppose to cover ALL city structures.

    Ref: “Building, height of”

    “The vertical distance from the finished grade of the site as measured twelve (12”) inches from the outside wall of the building to the highest point of the finished roof deck elevation (top of the roof deck) of a flat roof,
    or to the highest bearing point of the roof trusses
    or roof joists for gable, hip
    or gambrel roofs,
    provided as habitable space above the bearing point of the trusses
    or joists shall be solely for the use of occupant of the floor immediately below and
    not used as a separate occupancy. “

    This definition is for purposes of implementing the regulation of building height found in Chapter II “zoning” and Chapter III “Design Standards“.

    if an add-on ten foot becomes available after this election.

  2. hometown says:

    Cocoa Beach Voters:
    I want to share my thoughts on Cocoa Beach Question One which raises our City’s building height limits.
    I have lived in Cocoa Beach for over 50 years and seen many changes, some good and some bad. To me the bad changes always seem to result in more over-crowding and congestion while whittling away at the charm of our small beachside residential community. These changes are always sold to the residents with false promises that never seem to materialize. I recognize that we need to encourage some tourism and some redevelopment but I am not willing to do this just for the sake of bigger is better.

    The folks pushing for this amendment are financially tied to out of town developers and hoteliers through a political action committee which has already spent over $41,000 to convince us that this is a good idea. They hired a Tallahassee PR firm to try to influence your votes by distributing misleading materials and social media postings. In contrast, Commissioner Williams who is running to be re-elected has spent around $4,500 dollars on his entire campaign. No one can honestly believe that a political action committee funded by $41,000 dollars of out of town money (almost 10 times the amount spent by a campaigning commissioner) is doing this to benefit the local residents of Cocoa Beach – if you do you, you really should think a little harder.

    The problem we have is that we have speculators who have tied up property in Cocoa Beach trying to wait out the citizens in hope of changing the requirements in our City Charter in order to squeeze a bit more profit from their investments.

    They claim we have blighted properties, well if they are blighted, it is because the property owners don’t take care of them, plain and simple. This could easily be corrected by stricter enforcement of existing land development codes or even new land development regulations that establish stricter requirements for property owners in these so called “blighted” areas. This would encourage property owners to either maintain their properties to an acceptable level or sell the property and move on. The city needs to get tough on these folks that allow their properties to become rundown – that in itself would fix the entire issue of “blighted” properties.

    They claim we have a revenue problem, but I believe instead our city has a spending problem. Our city budget is more than that of Cape Canaveral and Satellite Beach combined. The city needs to address our spending problems first and not try to increase revenues at the expense of our towns charm and character. Does anyone honestly think building taller buildings will help our city in the long run? Back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s we built numerous tall condo buildings in our town with claims that they would be the answer to all of our problems – well it’s almost 20 years later and we still have spending problems, the taller buildings built back then did nothing to improve the long-term finances in the city.

    They say we don’t have enough development, well duh, the city has been “almost completely built out” for the last 10-15 years according to our city budget. Let’s see, if we are built out now and the only way to go is up, what will happen in 5-10 years when we are built out again in the near future, I guess the only solution would be to go up higher into high rises. So the folks claiming they don’t want high rises don’t want to look to the future and acknowledge that’s where we are headed if Question One gets approved.

    Time to stop kicking the can down the road and address our spending problems.

    I encourage all residents to Vote No on Cocoa Beach Question One and Vote to Re-elect Commissioner Williams to support the residents.

    Also, next elections are coming up soon, let’s see if we can elect some folks that are not so heavily financed by these special interest groups and out of town money and who will support the folks that live here rather than the special interest groups. If you want a real eye opener search google for the “cocoa beach current elections” page and view the campaign finances for each of our candidates (including the pac) to see who is funding them before you make your decision. Then decide what’s in the best interest for the residents of Cocoa Beach.

  3. Concerned says:

    A few more tidbits of info from/for Cocoa Beach before the election:

    1. Our firefighters are supporting Vote Yes on Question #1, Tim Tumulty, and Commissioner Mike Miller. These candidates/issues have received contributions from firefighter PAC’s throughout the state. On the PAC’s Facebook, Firefighter Matthew Ericson wrote a lengthy commentary on behalf of the Cocoa Beach Professional Firefighters. On We Are Cocoa Beach Facebook, Mr. Ericson wrote responses to comments made by Mr. Jim Walker, who had noted that most of Cocoa Beach firefighters don’t even live in Cocoa Beach. Mr. Walker also lives outside of Cocoa Beach but has family here. Mr. Walker was noting that the PAC leaders take endorsements from outsiders; however, they criticize outsiders for their opinions against the issue. Mr. Ericson stated that he can’t afford to live here. He says where he lives (I believe in Rockledge), there is no crime or homelessness. I find that hard to believe. Mr. Matt Fleming responded to Mr. Ericson’s comments with “building 5 story tall luxury condos is not going to make things more affordable.” GOOD POINT.
    2. Orson Tarver stated on We Are Cocoa Beach Facebook that he had picked up Vote No on Question #1 signs. Does he now work for Code Enforcement in Cocoa Beach? Did he trespass to collect these signs or were they ALL on the right of way. Interesting that Code Enforcement didn’t pick up those particular signs that were supposedly in violation.
    3. Let’s not forget that the PAC received $41,000 in contributions, that we know of, in support of their efforts. Most of this came from hoteliers, developers, realtors, etc . They have already paid a lobbying company from Tallahassee over $34,000 to bombard us with fliers, sigs, and even interrupting ads on my tablet.
    4. International Palms, who has 13 acres, is wanting to redevelop their property. Rumor has it that they want to put a Margueritaville there. Even if this rumor is false, if this passes, it will be so large that OUR infrastructure can’t handle it. The owners don’t even live here. They are from North Palm Beach area. What do they care what our impact is locally as long as they make the big BUCKS. We don’t mind redevelopment, why do they need to have it so large? I think we all know the answer to that. one.

    I think that it is really clear. We need to vote NO on Question #1. I already have. I also voted for Commissioner Skip Williams who did not take any campaign contributions from anyone. He is there to take care of the residents, he respects us and listens to us.

  4. bobbyO bobbyO says:

    There needs to be better organization from the people who are voting no. Without better organization they’ll pass through whatever they want in the future.

    • AAfterwit says:

      bobbyO bobbyO,

      Without trying to be too hard or too obnoxious, try contacting “”

      They can surely help.

      After all, we have heard time and time again that “Somebody should ……” and “Somebody should speak up….” and “Somebody should organize…..”

      We’ve talked to a lot of people who either aren’t on sites or social media (or have limited presences) and it always seems that they think “Somebody” (or their relative “Someone”) should start doing something.

      We’ve been here for over 7 years doing something and a few weeks ago we said that we were looking for new writers to help with content. Wanna know how many responses we got? Zero. Wanna know how many emails we get on what we should write about and do? Lots.

      It’s not that we mind suggestions. (Especially ones that have links and facts attached to them.) That’s not the point.

      The bottom line is that if people want to see a certain outcome, they can’t sit back and say “someone else should be doing something about that.” It just doesn’t work that way.

      We fear that in Cocoa Beach, Ballot Issue One will pass. It will pass not because it is a good idea, but because the liars and special interests had more money and more energy to fool people into voting for it.

      To us, it is pretty sad when there is more energy, money and organization devoted to deceiving people rather than to informing people of the truth.

      But what do we know? We have to find someone to do a post for Wednesday.

      Thanks for the comment and we hope you understand we are not yelling at you, just pointing out some uncomfortable truths.

      A. Afterwit.

  5. Percy Veer says:

    I’ve got an idea, maybe we could form a not-for-profit organization that benefits the residents, like the cocoa beach main street non-profit benefits the downtown businesses. Co-incidentally, Bizpedia lists tim tumulty as president of said non-profit and then we could have the city give us $50,000 to fund our organization like they did with tumulty’s group.

    hmmm, lets see the city claims they are in dire straights with the budget, but then borrow ~ $4.5 million for a downtown parking garage and donates $50,000 to a non-profit. I wonder how many other non-profits the city donates too – none that i’m aware of. What a scam.

  6. Percy Veer says:

    Vote No on CB Question One.

    Vote No on tumulty and Re-Elect Commissioner Williams.

  7. Hometown says:

    The group of residents fighting to maintain our current 45′ height limit lost out to the pro-development crowd so I guess the big money has spoken. I talked to at least 10 folks who told me that they thought they had to vote yes on Question One to maintain the 45′ height limit so the developers and the city did a good job of misleading the voters. Just kind of a shame that the city didn’t take the time to tell the truth, I had hoped my elected officials would have had more integrity. Well, time to move on.

    I do want to say special thanks to ROH and all your hard work for helping to get the real facts out to the residents. Once again, your site has shown its willingness to put out truthful and factual information and discuss issues openly and honestly, kudos to you and your folks.

    Also, thanks to Matt Fleming from Satellite Beach who was personally attack all over social media in his attempts to help us get the facts out to the voters. He would have made a great county commissioner who seems to be more pro-resident than pro-development. I believe the only reason he lost is because he ran as a democrat in a republican county. I encourage him to switch parties and try again, we republicans also value the environment and family oriented communities while supporting smart growth and fiscal responsibility. Don’t give up Matt.

    Also, congrats to Commissioner Williams who showed you don’t need the special interest money if you listen and support the residents as he does. Great job and good luck, I know it’s not easy being the only pro-resident Commissioner on the board but your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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