Former Brevard County Commissioner Candidate Arrested.

(image courtesy BCSO)

Former Brevard County Commissioner Candidate Matt Fleming has been arrested for “battery domestic violence,” – a misdemeanor – according to records from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

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According to the affidavit, Fleming and his brother John got into an argument and Matt struck John on the back of the head with such force that it caused John’s head to move forward.

The incident was caught on a security camera.

Fleming has a court appearance today.

Fleming ran against Curt Smith for Seat 4 for the County Commission. He did not win a single precinct.

Just Saying…

Donut Operator Reviews Brevard County Shooting.

One of the youtube channels we visit is run by a guy who calls himself “Donut Operator.” He is a former police officer and often comments on the actions of the police. Like most police channels that we have seen, he is pro-police, but he also calls out police when they do something that is wrong.

You may remember that two Brevard County Deputy Sheriffs were involved in a shooting where they were attacked during what appears to be a regular traffic stop. When Deputy Tyler Thoman tries to have Paris Wilder step out of a car, Wilder comes out with a gun and starts shooting. His shots wounds Deputy Brian Potters, who was shot in the leg and also suffered facial injuries from Wilder attacking him from behind.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Violence and language are in this video.


Beer And The First Amendment.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We apologize for some of the language used in this post. Normally, we don’t allow terms like this in this space, but try as we might, we could not think of a way that would allow us to convey the story without using the language. Long time readers know this is not what we do normally, but in this case, we felt we had to.

Flying Dog Brewery is a craft beer brewery out of Frederick, Maryland.

(The beer is not available in Florida, so this is not us pushing the brand.)

To put it politely, Flying Dog has a history of naming their beers with “interesting” names. (One such beer is called “Raging Bitch.”)

Their labels are created by illustrator Ralph Steadman. He too has a “unique” style.

Opposing Racism Doesn’t Require Promoting Victimhood.

A new video and article from John Stossel:

Are you a racist?

All white people are, says White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo.

Race explains everything, says bestselling How to Be an Antiracist author Ibram X. Kendi. “Every policy is either racist or anti-racist.”


Thirty years ago….

left to right on September 9, 2001: The Pentagon, The World Trade Centers, Flight 93.

Never forget.

Then What Do We Call “Tornadoes?” “The Things?”

We remember the days when the media relentlessly mocked George Bush for what he called “Bush-isms.”

Bush played along because that is the type of person he was.

But President Biden is getting a pass on all of the idiotic things he says, and the sad thing is he doesn’t see the errors.

We have no idea what he is talking about. People call tornadoes, “tornadoes.”

We call “hurricanes,” “hurricanes.”

We don’t know what we call “the thing….you know the thing,” because that only exists in the mind of Biden.

What The Heck Is Wrong With People?

Shelby Rogers

Shelby Rogers is a 28 year old tennis player from the United States. Rogers is currently ranked #43 and over her career, she has won 3 singles title in 2012, another singles title in 2012, and a doubles title in the same year.

It is fair to say that she is not a tour de force in the WTA but is still a good player.

This year at the US Open in Flushing Meadows, Rogers managed to beat the number one ranked and seeded player named Ashleigh Barty who has won 13 singles tournaments and 11 doubles tournament.

Then Rodgers did the “unthinkable.”

She went out and lost her next match.

After the lose, Rogers said that she was not looking forward to the abuse she would be receiving on social media:

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