When A Scientific Compliment Goes Horribly Wrong.

It’s Friday. We’re all swamped. And this just made us laugh.

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Red Robin Meets Higher Minimum Wage By Cutting Staff.

The gourmet burger restaurant Red Robin has announced that in light of increased labor costs because of minimum wage increases, the company will end busing staff.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Restaurant busboys, in line to earn a little more dough this year as minimum wage hikes hit across the country, are instead losing their jobs as chains look to cut costs.

One chain axing jobs is Red Robin, which hopes to save about $8 million this year by eliminating busboys at each of its 570 restaurants, the company said Monday.

The problem is that when you artificially increase a wage by government fiat, actual businesses have to respond. Unlike the government which can force people to give it more money through increased taxes, businesses have to compete. One way to compete is to lower costs and that includes the cost of labor.

The profit margins in restaurants are very small. It is natural for a restaurant to look at where it can save money. If that means cutting low wage positions in order to remain competitive, that’s what companyies will do.

“I read that as minimum wage,” Michael Saltsman, director of the Employment Policies Institute (EPI), told FOX Business. “Somebody like Red Robin, which has a lot of exposure in western states [where the minimum wage is rising faster] … this is sort of a burger and beer chain. If they can’t pass those increases off in higher prices … they have to find a way to do more with less.”


It Was In All The Papers, But Do We Remember Or Appreciate It?

Believe it not, 60 years ago this month in 1958, the United States launched its first satellite, Explorer 1.

The event was huge for the US and for the people of what would become the “Space Coast” of Florida.

There would be more successes and far too many tragedies within the space program, but reaching for the stars carries a risk of falling.

We can think of no greater legacy for Explorer I and the men and women who created and launched it, to commit to a return to the exploration of space.


Palm Bay: Facebook Comments.

After our post the other day on Palm Bay, Councilman Holton and his attempts to distract people from his own issues, we decided to monitor the comments on the FloridaToday article on the subject.

We thought instead of waddling into the morass that is Facebook comments, we would answer some of the questions and address some of the points that were raised here. Because the people that made the comments are not public figures, we decided to blur out their names on our blog. We have always said that we would rather address thoughts rather than people and so we shall do that here.

The police have no duty to disclose the tip they are acting upon or who made the tip.

The reason for that is simple – we don’t want all sorts of retaliatory actions going back and forth escalating any situation.

Take this out of the Holton / concealed weapon incident for a moment. Assume for a second that the police get a call about a loud and perhaps violent argument between a husband and wife next door. The couple is screaming at each other.

The neighbor calls the police and the police come out to talk to the warring couple. When the police get there, there is no noise that can be heard outside of the house.

Do people want the police to just walk away? After all, the silence could be because one of the couple is hurt or even worse.

Or do we want the police to knock on the door and see what is going on and make sure all occupants of the house are safe?

Do we want the police to be telling the angry couple the name of the person who made the call to them? Risking further escalation down the road?

Or do we want to allow the police to evaluate the truthfulness of the call and address whether a fake complaint has been made?

The bottom line is whether we as a society want people to be able to contact the police for legitimate reasons without fear of retaliation or do we want the police to decide whether a person is making false complaints and deal with them within the legal system?

The point being that there is no reason to find out who made the initial complaint. If the police thought the complaint concerning Holton was credible, they had a duty to investigate and they did.

End of story.



Can You Survive Only Eating Bacon?

It a question that many would love answered.


Palm Bay: Shiny Objects!

Palm Bay was back in the news because City Councilman Holton decided it would be a good idea to talk about the “safety” of people in Council meetings after he was stopped by Police Chief Roberts and asked Holton if he was carrying a firearm as Holton was entering the Council Chambers.

With ongoing investigations into Palm Bay and ethical violations alleged against Holton himself, it appears that this latest episode is nothing more than Holton trying to distract from other issues.

Look here!! Shiny Objects!

We wrote about the whole stop issue here.

From an article on the FloridaToday, Holton sent an email to various officials concerning the stop:

Notice the first question:


Show Me The Money.

(From A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect.)


Super Heroes Are Bad For The Environment.

How did we get to the point where we have alleged scientists spending time on the carbon footprint of fictional superheroes?

NEW ORLEANS — At first glance, Miles Traer seems like any other scientist at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. He wears an oversize identification badge on a lanyard around his neck and can discuss at length the role of water in planetary landscape transformation.

But this Stanford University geologist has an alter ego. Like a real-life Captain Planet (minus the blue skin, plus a deep knowledge of data science), he beats back the forces of environmental destruction and holds the super-powerful to account.

Traer and two colleagues have calculated the carbon footprint for nine heroes from the comic book canon — and realized that Earth might be better off if they stopped trying to save it.

The results are enough to make several people wince as they walk past Traer’s presentation in AGU’s cavernous poster hall. According to Traer’s research, most superheroes would use up hundreds of times more fossil fuels than the average American.

Barbara Gordon, the computer wizard also known as Oracle, is by far the worst offender: Even if her servers ran on a combination of clean energy sources — nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, wind and geothermal — running them would still release more than 1.3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide per year.


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