The Stupidity Of Gun Laws That Make Honest Citizens Criminals.

(image courtesy Observer-Dispatch.)

Sixty-four year old Ronald Stolarczyk of Deerfield, New York is out of jail after being charged with a felony of possessing an unregistered gun that was legally purchased by his father, who was a veteran of the Utica Fire Department, and left to Stolarczyk when the father passed away.

The gun came to light when Stolarczyk shot two people who broke into his home and tried to rob him – for the second time.

Patricia Anne Talerico, 57, and her nephew, Nicholas A. Talerico, 27, of Utica, were shot and killed Tuesday afternoon by homeowner Ronald Stolarczyk, 64, as they were burglarizing his home at 6110 Walker Road in Deerfield.

McNamara said “a large amount of property” believed to have been taken from the initial burglary at Stolarczyk’s home was discovered at Nicholas Talerico’s apartment in Utica during the investigation of the shooting.

Items recovered included an old Commodore computer and an old bicycle, McNamara said.

Stolarczyk knew he had been burglarized recently, said his lawyer, Mark Wolber.

Stolarczyk appears to be a hoarder, McNamara said, and among the items he collected were Commodore and Atari computers.

The two criminals were paragons of virtue, according to their families:

Because We All Need Things To Help Waste Time On The Internet.

Don’t blame us, we’re only the messenger.

The website the Pudding has created an interesting map of the US:

A People Map of the US, where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident: people born in, lived in, or connected to a place.

While the image above is for the entire US, you can zoom in and get down to small towns.

In our area (Brevard County, FL) towns would be named for a comedian (we are being gracious with that term,) a rock singer, a football player, a surfer, a lawyer, a author from the early 20th century, a golfer and a mixed martial arts fighter.

Students Haven’t Heard Of D-Day On Its 75th Anniversary.

No moron, D-Day is not “doughnut day.”

We asked students in Washington, DC if they could tell us what D-Day is on the 75th anniversary of America’s invasion of Normandy. You might be surprised by how many couldn’t.

We can almost forgive that students don’t know or remember what D-Day is. Even though it was one of the most important (if not the most important) battles of World War II, it is not often that people remember specific battles and instead remember the over all war. We wouldn’t doubt that many people sadly don’t remember the Battle of the Somme, the charge up San Juan Hill, Vicksburg, or the Battle of Cowpens.

Certainly when you are trying to cover the entire breadth of American history in school, you may not remember everything. (And that is assuming that D-Day was even mentioned in the course.)

“Prayer” Is Now A Political Weapon Or Something.

A.F. Branco of Comically Incorrect offers this concerning Nancy Pelosi and her prayers for President Trump:

Pelosi says Trump is always in her prayers. One could only imagine in this political climate how she prays.

Sadly, he may be right.

Pelosi’s comments were made after a failed meeting with President Trump to discuss infrastructure in the country. The meeting failed because while Pelosi and other leaders wanted to meet with Trump, they were calling for resignations, more investigations, and even impeachment. It is not an environment in which anyone would want to meet with others.

Pelosi ended her remarks by saying, “I pray for the President of the United States. And I pray for the United States of America.”

The Democratic leaders declined to answer questions from the media following their prepared remarks.

In a subsequent series of tweets from Trump, the president said sarcastically: “Nancy, thank you so much for your prayers, I know you truly mean it!”

Yet prayer for the President took a completely different turn for the bizarre after President Trump made an un-announced visit to a church:

D-Day. 75 Years Ago Today.

Omaha Beach (click for larger image in new window)

Seventy five years ago today, many Americans would awake to broadcasts that the United States and her allies had invaded Hitler’s “European Fortress.” American, British, Canadian and free French units stormed the beaches at Normandy while airborne units had parachuted or landed behind the coast to cause havoc and more importantly, to stop the Germans from bring up reinforcements against the men landing on the beach.

Today, in Normandy, Europe will pause and remember the men that fought to free it from those who sought to enslave it.

There will be speeches on the heroism of the men, and there is no doubt that those speeches will not even begin to encompass the acts of the men that day. Whether we are talking about the beach landings, the absurd idea of the attack on Pointe du Hoc that was pulled off by the American Rangers, or the men behind the lines, often separated and alone and in the dark, making their way towards objectives and picking up others along the way, mere words cannot express all of the heroism that day.

We’re not even going to try.

The Smothers Brothers: Boil Them Cabbage Down.

You might ask yourself, “why is Raised on Hoecakes doing a post with the Smothers Brothers?”

It’s a fair question. We perusing the internet and came upon this clip with the Smothers Brothers appearing with the Boston Pops back in the 1980’s. The song is an old American folk song called “Boil Them Cabbage Down” which like many folk songs, has different variations of the lyrics.

This version of the chorus is obviously our favorite.

Boil them cabbage down, down.
Turn them hoecakes ’round, ’round.
The only song that I can sing is
Boil them cabbage down.

Here’s another version of the same skit performed by the Smothers Brothers way back in 1963.

California, Typhoid Fever, And Rats.

California is experiencing the perfect storm of sorts.

Housing regulations have led to a shortage of housing, which increased housing prices, which led to more people being homeless.

The homeless live in camps which produce mounds of garbage as well as human waste.

Large cities are spending millions of dollars to clean up the waste. Before they can clean up the waste they have to clean out the camps, requiring police who could be elsewhere dealing with crime and real police work.

When the cities are done cleaning, the leave and the camps “re-open.” It is a circle that no one seems to want to break, and as we said, is costing the tax payers money.

The British newspaper The Daily Mail has pictures of the trash heaps in Los Angeles.

(For some reason we keep hearing the voice of Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday from the television show Dragnet:

This is the City…..millions of people go to work through mountains of refuse, waste and garbage…..)

In San Francisco, the human waste is so bad that the city had cleanup squads that roam as well as respond to calls from citizens.

For The Articles.

A legally blind Queens man is suing, saying the website is incompatible with his screen-reading software.

Donald Nixon’s class action lawsuit charges the entertainment website with violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Nixon says he’s prevented from perusing the site’s articles and that he can’t enjoy the centerfolds because the website lacks “a text equivalent for every non-text element.”

The suit groused that Nixon — who has filed 47 lawsuits against various companies, citing ADA violations — is also unable to purchase Playboy “hoodies, jogger pants,” because of the incompatibility with his software.

“We only read it for the articles” never seemed to work for anyone we knew growing up, but this is a different age.

“During Plaintiff’s visits to the Website, the last occurring in November 2018, Plaintiff encountered multiple access barriers that denied Plaintiff full and equal access to the facilities, goods and services offered to the public and made available to the public, the suit claimed.

Those barriers, the suit claims, include lack of alternative text (“alt-text”), or a text equivalent, empty links, redundant links, and linked images missing alt-text.

“If the Website was equally accessible to all,” the suit said, “Plaintiff could independently navigate the Website and complained the desired transaction as sighted individuals do.”

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