Paging Commissioner Isnardi. Paging Commissioner Isnardi…..

After we finished our post last week on Brevard County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi and her attack on the content of speech, we decided to write her personally.

We sent her an email expressing our concerns. As always, we not only expressed concerns but offered that if she and other Commissioners wanted to stop all comments that were made at inappropriate times during a meeting, we would be supportive of her actions. What we would not support is her desire to hold people “accountable” for things that were said of which she disapproves.

We got an automated response from her office:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me by email. Each day I review my emails and I use this automated response to verify and acknowledge receipt of your correspondence.

My staff and/or I will respond to each and every email as it pertains to my District or specific questions directed towards me. In order to better serve you and your concerns, it is important to include your name, complete address and phone number.

Should you require additional information or assistance, feel free to call my office and a staff member will promptly discuss your concerns with you.

My office address is

Commissioner, District 5
490 N.E. Centre Lake Drive,
Suite 175
Palm Bay, Florida 32907
(321) 253-6611

Kristine Isnardi (emphasis ours)

As of this writing, we have heard nothing back from her. Not a thing.

So much for “responding to each and every email as it pertains to my District or specific questions directed toward me.”

(Of course, maybe Isnardi is saying that the idea of the US and Florida Constitutions don’t apply to people in her district, so she doesn’t need to respond.)

Isn’t it odd how people in government tout how great and responsive they are until the real rubber hits the road and they suddenly disappear?

Isnardi had he opportunity and we would say the duty to respond with something like “you are correct and I overstepped the boundaries of the law.” Or even, “I spoke with the County Attorney whose opinion is you are all wet.”

We would have accepted those responses. ANY response.

Alas, Isnadri has “turtled up” and gone into a shell.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

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