Palm Bay: A Bit Of Blogging Humor.

As is our custom, we were checking the comments for a variety of reasons including checking for legitimate comments that our anti-spam plugin for the site has put in the spam folders. If you have ever run a site, participated in running a site or even seen sites where there is always a “I made $4 million dollars working from home….” you know that spam is an issue.

As we were checking the spam filter and cleaning it out, one of real spammed comments was from a person in Russia on our post concerning the actions of Palm Bay Councilman Calvin “Tres” Holton.

The comment was promoting a website in Russia called “CalvinTalks*******” (We are not giving them free publicity.)

We laughed.

It’s funny how search engines and SEO sniffers will grab onto anything like this and then people will send out spam in response.

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