Palm Bay: A Follow-Up Thought On The Workman Hiring.

In our post the other day on the City of Palm Bay hiring Ritch Workman, we received both online comments and emails from readers.

In an email that is pithy and dead on, one reader wrote:

What the city states they want is not what they want. Actions do the real talking.

We agree.

This was a backdoor deal for a position that was not advertised or anything. The next time someone on the City Council or someone on the dais talks about “following procedures,” “transparency,” and “accountability,” 106,000+ people should just laugh in their face.

There was something else that struck us about this hiring and we never could put our finger on it until a discussion with the staff here. Going back to our original post and FloridaToday article:

I did project management for Keiser and really that was the favorite part of that job,” Workman said. “That type of work really is one my attributes, that I enjoy and do well.”

Workman added: “At the end of the day, Palm Bay has decided to do the right thing, both for the taxpayer and the environment.”

We have never heard of an employee – a new hire – extol their hiring in such a manner.

Oh, you will hear “I hope to do a good job for…..”

Or, “I am really looking forward to working here……”

But never have we ever heard “Company X made the right decision in hiring me.”

Not once. Not ever.

The reason is that such a statement is not the statement an employee makes. It is a statement that politicians make. It is a statement of “look at me and how great I am.”

Perhaps it is a case where leopards cannot change their spots. After all, Workman is a politician, and has mostly interacted with politicians. Perhaps that is the way he thinks and speaks.

Then again, is that the type of attitude a project manager has? In fact, is that they type of attitude any manager has?

We don’t think so but your mileage may vary.

No matter what, the more one looks at this hire and ponders it and its implications, one cannot help but know that the City of Palm Bay has once again put politics and political connections over the good of the people, as well as their own promises and statements.

There is no other conclusion to be drawn.

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