Palm Bay: Always The Victim.

“Homeless advocate” Thomas Rebman took to Facebook the other day to announce that he had won a case against Tara Pariso. Pariso, who heads up the South Brevard Sharing Center, was seeking to have Rebman stop making defamatory and false claims against her and the South Brevard Sharing Center.

Pariso’s lawsuit was doomed from the start for a variety of reasons, but the good news is that people who have actually worked with the South Brevard Sharing Center have made Rebman’s accusations against the organization a “cause célèbre” allowing the organization to get more publicity and more donations as people who work with, and have been actually helped by the South Brevard Sharing Center rallied to their defense.

That’s a good thing in our mind.

Yet there is something else.

Apparently Rebman feels that a judge dismissing a case means the comments he made about Pariso and the South Brevard Sharing Center are true. That’s not necessarily true, but we want to back the legal train up a bit to last month – September in fact, when Rebman sought an order of protection against the mother of a former student and lost.

The Pariso case and the Nunekemp case are very similar. There was the same accusations made by Rebman and Pariso. In the filings you can see that Rebman claimed Nunenkemp (image here) was stalking him, just as Pariso claimed Rebman was stalking her and the South Brevard Sharing Center (image here).

Both cases were heard by the same judge – the Honorable David E. Silverman.

In both cases, Rebman believes he is a victim. To us, that seems to be a pattern than anytime someone pushes back or disagrees with him, he claims to be a victim. It is almost as if in his mind he hears a voice saying “how dare those people make true statements! I am a victim of truth!”

Logically, if Rebman believes that Pariso’s claim against him was dismissed because he was telling the truth, then it follows that his complaint against Nunekemp was not based on the truth either.

In short, if Rebman’s defense was that he was telling the truth against Pariso and the South Brevard Sharing Center, then using his own logic, the statements made by Nunenkemp concerning Rebman were truthful as well. Those statements included Rebman’s lack of legal certification to teach classes in Civics at Odyssey Charter School, a claim that up until now, Rebman has always denied and pushed back against.

Now, based upon his own statements that if he was telling the truth about the South Brevard Sharing Center resulting in dismissal of the lawsuit, then he just announced to the world that he is teaching at Odyssey out of field because Nunekemp is and was telling the truth.


Drop the mic.

Game over.

Turn out the lights.

But there is something else now as well.

Rebman has announced that he will be opening a “one stop shopping” storefront to coordinate resources for the homeless. Of course, that is a duplication of efforts by other agencies in the area which makes one wonder how the money to pay for salaries and the storefront will benefit the homeless, but that is another issue.

On Facebook, Rebman released this logo for his new venture.

There is a huge legal problem here.

The City of Palm Bay limits the use of its logo to only authorized people and entities.

The reason for this is simple: the City (or any City for that matter) doesn’t want it’s logo to be used in ventures where it may seem that the City is backing the venture when it is not. The City doesn’t want to be held legally liable if something goes wrong with the venture and they have to spend time and money defending a lawsuit or having themselves removed from a lawsuit.

The use of the logo outside of City approval allows not only for deception of people, but it may be illegal as well:

City Code:

The manufacture, use, display, or any other employment of any facsimile or reproduction of the City of Palm Bay seal or City of Palm Bay logo, except for City of Palm Bay officials or employees in the performance of their official duties, without the express approval of the City Manager of the City of Palm Bay, is prohibited.

(Ord. 2005-19, passed 6-2-05) Penalty, see § 58.99

58.99 PENALTY.
Any person or entity who violates any portion of § 58.03 of this chapter, is guilty of a second degree misdemeanor, punishable as provided in Fla. Stat. §§ 775.082 and 775.083.

(Ord. 2005-19, passed 6-2-05)

The odd thing here is that Rebman has indicted that he can’t or won’t work with the City because the City won’t do what he wants. Rebman misrepresented what the City did with regards to a homeless camp and now he wants to give the impression that he is somehow aligned with the City and has their blessing.

There are a lot of good charities and organizations that work with the homeless and those in needs.

Given Rebman’s past of making unreasonable and unlawful demands, his attacks on other homeless organizations that won’t bow down to him, and what appears to be issues with the truth, we would recommend that people walk away from supporting Rebman’s venture and instead donate and support more reputable ventures.

One Response to “Palm Bay: Always The Victim.”

  1. Thomas Gaume says:

    I too have been threatened with legal recourse for speaking the truth. Seems as though the truth and Mr. Rebman have a troubled relationship.

    I have to wonder given his adversarial relationship with the city if he’s attempting to entice the homeless to migrate to Palm Bay?

    It’s better to let people think you’re the Village Idiot than to prove it.