Palm Bay: Andy Anderson Named Acting Deputy City Manager.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We updated this post as some new information became available.)

Palm Bay City Manager announced today that Andy Anderson has been named as the City’s Acting Deputy City Manager.

Anderson fills a position that has been vacant since September, when David Isnardi resigned at deputy city manager.

Anderson is Palm Bay’s economic development and external affairs director.

In a two-sentence email to Palm Bay City Council members and other city officials, Lynk wrote: “Andy Anderson will be the acting deputy city manager, effective immediately. Thank you for your continued support as we continually build this dynamic team.”

Follow us here….

When Anderson could not seek re-election because of term limits, Anderson was hired by the City as the Economic Development Administrator in 2015 (and four months later was given a 46% raise) and served under City Manager Gregg Lynk and at the time, Deputy Mayor Isnardi.

In other words, Ansderson hired Isnardi at the County Commission and when Anderson termed out, Isnardi hired Anderson for a City job.

It’s all too incestuous and has the appearance of “quid pro quo” for us and we suspect others as well.

We also wonder why Lynk says they are “continually build[ing] this dynamic team.” Wasn’t Anderson on the “team” already?

On top of this Isnardi himself seems to have wanted his old job back and has an attorney probing the issue with the City to get Isnardi his previous position back.

In an email to the Mayor Capote and to City Manager Gregg Lynk, attorney John C. Murphy writes:

I understand David’s former position is now being advertised for a fill. David is interested in being reinstated to his former position. I believe this turn of events present an ideal way to resolve this situation without litigation. Please consider our proposal and advise.

We suppose that even the best incestuous don’t always work out, but hey…. the Director of Economic Development post is now open. Maybe Isnardi will slide into that or even pending any litigation, that could be why the Anderson hiring is for the Acting Deputy City Manager, and not the Deputy City Manager. That way if Isnardi sues and happens to win, the City isn’t on the hook for two Deputy City Managers and can relieve Anderson of his duties.

Just another mess within the City.

Our final issue is with the position itself.

A Deputy City Manager serves at the pleasure of the City Manager. The job has none of the same protections that other employees have when it comes to the the workplace, and at the same time, the Deputy City Manager is not subject to the same standards of conduct as other City employees. The Deputy City Manager is accountable to only the City Manager; not the Mayor, not the City Council, not the HR Department, etc.

We don’t like fiefdoms in the private sector and we absolutely hate them in the public sector.

As you can imagine, we despise incestuous fiefdoms in the public sector, but that seems to be what what is happening here.

The beat goes on.

One Response to “Palm Bay: Andy Anderson Named Acting Deputy City Manager.”

  1. Hometown says:

    Having worked 30+ years for a government contractor and attending too many to count ethics training classes this doesn’t pass the smell test. The major takeaway from all that training is that whatever you do should not be perceived as shady or underhanded. Failing this, in the public sector, causes a lack of trust in our government and elected officials. Fortunately, residents can put a stop to this by becoming more informed and voting based on facts and not just sound bites and rhetoric.

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