Palm Bay: BREAKING NEWS. City Manager Gregg Lynk Removed From Office.

As we mentioned earlier today, the City of Palm Bay voted tonight to retain or remove Gregg Lynk as City Manager.

The Council voted 3-2 to remove Lynk with Mayor Capote, Councilman Bailey, Councilman and Councilman Johnson for Lynk’s removal and Councilman Santiago and Councilman Anderson against it.

There were several surprises to us in the discussions leading up to the vote.

1) Several City Union heads spoke in favor of retaining Lynk citing the good relationship they had with him. One union head said they had not had a grievance in sometime with the City. While the speaker meant that as a positive, it is not. The fact that the City under Lynk did not have disputes with the union may indicate the City rolled over to too many demands. The fact of the matter is that management and unions are always at odds with each other and the idea that Lynk was not may not be a positive thing.

2) No one spoke in favor of dismissing Mr. Lynk. That too was curious to us.

3) A letter and criminal investigation concerning Mr. Lynk was mentioned. That too is troubling.

4) Councilman Anderson spoke in favor of Lynk by saying in part that City voters had voted overwhelmingly to approve the bond issue and that shows a confidence in the City Manager. We would disagree. It shows that people want the roads fixed as has not been happening. We don’t know of anyone who went to the polls and said “you know, I am going to vote for this bond thing because of the City Manager.”

5) Councilman Anderson also mentioned that without Mr. Lynk, Palm Bay will not see any benefit from the bond passed. We think that is insulting to the employees of the City of Palm Bay. It boggles the mind that Anderson believes that without a single individual, the City of Palm Bay will grind to a halt. That too makes no sense. We believe that the City can and will march forward with new business and projects just as every other City that has lost or removed have not ground to a halt and continued the work of the citizens.

The bottom line is that Gregg Lynk is out as City Manager and the City has appointed Lisa Morrell as interim City Manager.

3 Responses to “Palm Bay: BREAKING NEWS. City Manager Gregg Lynk Removed From Office.”

  1. Bob Chadwick says:

    The last time our City Council took it upon themselves to fire (in this case for cause) a City Manager, it cost us taxpayers $300,000 and a bus ticket out of town.

    I hope that those who decided this step was necessary had the foresight to look and see how much this little act of political (vengeance?) is going to cost us this time.

    • AAfterwit says:

      Bob Chadwick,

      Thanks for the comment.

      You raise a good point and it is one that we think needs to be addressed on its own.

      We will do that in a post that will go up tomorrow.

      Thank you again and we hope you, your family and friends have a wonderful holiday.

      A. Afterwit.

      • Bob Chadwick says:

        Like the cat that ate the Limburger cheese and sat quietly at the mouse-hole entrance, I wait with baited breath for your response.
        And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, also.

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