Palm Bay Can’t Vote?

Tonight at 7:00 PM, the Palm Bay City Council will meet in a regular meeting.

On the agenda is the ordinance that will allow the City Council to appoint a new Council member under all circumstances rather than the current ordinance that allows the people to vote if the remainder of the term that needs to be filled is longer than one year.

This is a change from the ordinance that has been in place for almost a decade.

It is expected that there will be many speakers who will speak against the change and the timing of the change as the way replacements were appointed was fine until now.

Mayor Rob Medina has said that he is against the change.

Randy Foster has said he is for it.

Foster is an interesting person to be saying that he thinks the current rights of citizens to vote for the replacement should be stripped by the City Council.

Back in October, 2020, Foster brought up a graphic of ours to attack his opponent.

This graphic (which we have modified for this post) in fact:

Foster wrongly accused our work as being a violation of copyright laws or intellectual property, which it is not – a fact that we documented.

Foster thought he would score some points and asked:

I don’t know what you mean by the middle finger, the City of Palm Bay, and you got the middle finger, on this sign of Florida, “where rights dies and stupidity strive.”

We wrote in October:

We’ll tell you what we meant as we wrote it for all to see:

Five grown men sat in front of everyone in Palm Bay and essentially told the citizens that their voices did not matter; that there was nothing to see or act upon in the JLAC and the FBI reports; and that the palm tree on the City’s logo was actually a gigantic middle finger directed toward the citizens who had elected them in good faith.

Foster has brought up corruption in City Hall as a key component of his platform. If corruption is not figuratively giving the citizens the bird, then what is corruption? Should people just sit back and enjoy their tax money being spent illegally as well as bribes and kickbacks in City Hall?

Is Foster against corruption because that is what the people want to hear, but actually not care?

Our post continued with Foster still trying to make points:

This is what you think of our City government?

Short answer: yes. We believe that the City government has been giving citizens the middle finger for some time. If Foster hasn’t seen that, he hasn’t been paying attention.

So what do you say about the middle finger in your post.


We say we need to elect people who aren’t willing to say what people want to hear, and then if elected, continue to suppress the rights of people, turn a blind eye to corruption and not listen to the thoughts, ideas and concerns of the citizens. We need people that are willing to follow and understand the law. We need people that are willing to support the 1st Amendment rights of people and all of their rights.

In other words, we need to elect people that aren’t willing to give the people of Palm Bay the bird.

Foster was offended that someone would even suggest that there was a hint of corruption in City Hall, despite the JLAC report and the chair of the JLAC committee saying that “Palm Bay was the worst case he had ever seen.”

Now Foster, the only person on the City Council who has an Florida Ethics violation against him, is looking to take the current voting rights of people away.

And he had the temerity to ask “is that what [people] think of the City government?”

However, no matter how the vote turns out, there is a question that need to be answered:

Who told City Attorney Smith to write the change to the ordinance?

1) If Smith was told to rewrite the ordinance by a single City Councilman, that is against the rules of conduct for the City as directions to the City Attorney must be given by the City Council – not a lone Councilman.
2) If multiple Councilmen told Smith to re-write the change to the ordinance, the above still applies, but one has to wonder the communication between the Councilmen (if any). If they got together and said “we need to change this…” that is a violation of the Sunshine Laws of the State of Florida in that they would be voting on an issue that they had discussed in private and out of the public eye. Even if they went to Smith separately and asked for the ordinance to be re-written, if Smith told them the the other had come in asking for the same re-write, that too would be a violation of the Sunshine Laws because Smith would be transmitting information between Council members on an item that would be coming up for a vote.

The basic problem is that while other cities have had vacancies on their City Council before the end of a term, the cities did not rush to change the way the vacancy was to be filled.

They did not say “we don’t like this way so before we allow an new Council member, we are going to change the law to something that we like.”

If nothing else, the fact that this is coming up on Thursday night shows the lack or morals and the rampant hypocrisy within the Palm Bay City Hall.

As we said, we suspect that people will be out in force to speak their minds on the matter.

We wonder how many Councilmen will actually listen to the people? Or sit there fuming that the people get to make their feelings known?

One Response to “Palm Bay Can’t Vote?”

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  2. ThirdDimension says:

    Bailey was clear at Thursday nights meeting that Kenny Johnson was talking with both city attorney and clerk on the Friday after the last meeting Bailey said he would be resigning. Bailey said the other for councilmembers were copied with the ordinance days later. Kenny Johnson was the person this came from. Now did he get coached, or forced to do so?

    With $20 million in discretionary spending of CARE dollars, seems like we have a NEW Isnardi leading the corruption.

    As always, “FOLLOW THE MONEY”