Palm Bay: Capote, Anderson And Rebman. That’s Gonna Leave A Mark.

On Tuesday, June 16, 2020, we received an email from Thomas Rebman, who amongst other things, alleges to be an advocate for the homeless. Rebman was preparing to make comments to the Palm Bay City Council on Thursday, June 18 and was looking for support.

His email read, in part:

My voice cannot be the only one heard. It takes a community to change things. To all of you who want to help the homeless, here is your chance. Please attend the Palm Bay City Council meeting at 7 pm this Thursday.

I am requesting the Council hold a round table style workshop or initiate a citizens advisory board to develop a plan to reduce homelessness.

We find that Rebman still communicates with us amusing and indicative of the type of person he is. In 2019, he initiated a email chain with us which in which we addressed his concerns. Yet he didn’t like the fact that our addressing included facts which were contrary to the narrative he was putting forth. Because of that, he accused us of “cyber stalking,” which he believed the Florida Statutes applied to our conversation (they do not) and said that we would be hearing from him in order to “let a judge decide.” We’re still waiting for that empty threat to be realized.

Still, for someone who claims they don’t want to hear from us, he has no problems including us on his email blasts. Hypocrisy anyone?

On Thursday, Rebman made his comments calling for another workshop on the homeless in Palm Bay. Councilman Brian Anderson asked if the Council wanted to address Rebman’s comments.

Mayor Capote decided this would be a good time to lay the smack down on that idea.

That’s going to leave a mark.

The problem is that the Mayor is right. (GASP!) Rebman wants things done, but only the things he wants and he cannot work well with others. This is a pattern for him as the same thing happened in South Bend, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Tampa and now here.

Rebman announced in 2019 that he was going to set up a company to deal with the homeless issue. Even though other agencies and groups actually do work with the homeless and do provide help and solutions, those agencies won’t pay Rebman for his “help” and instead would rather have donations go to the the homeless.

After being rebuffed this past week by the City of Palm Bay, Rebman decided he would put out a post saying who he would vote for.

Right off the bat, there are issues as Rebman claims his choices are based upon his “judgement of their integrity.”

A big supporter of Rebman is Councilman Brian Anderson. The two collaborated on a radio talk show this past year.

However, in 2019, when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI made certain records public on the corruption in the City Hall of Palm Bay which led to the arrest of David Isnardi and Jose Aguiar, Anderson was more than mentioned in passing in the report. Specifically:

Councilman Anderson:

  • Auguiar controls Anderson’s vote
  • Auguiar funded and backed Anderson’s campaign
  • Anderson does contractor work for Auguiar on his personal and investment properties

The “funding” of Anderson’s campaign came in the form of a payment of $10,000 to Anderson from Aguiar, which Anderson then transformed into a “personal loan” for his election campaign. While the loan was reported on campaign financing reports, the source of the money (the Aguiar payment) was not. Most people will remember this type of backdoor, shady deals and alleged selling of votes took place at the infamous “Clubhouse.”

As far as we can determine, Anderson has never acknowledged his actions in the FDLE / FBI reports, nor has he ever apologized to the people of Palm Bay.

This is the type of “integrity” in which Rebman believes.

Even if one does not want to buy into Rebman’s perception of integrity in public officials, there is another issue in Rebman’s professional career.

Rebman always signs his emails with this signature block:

Thomas F. Rebman
7th Grade Civics, Odyssey Charter School
ME Reading, Stetson University
LT, USN Retired

As we have stated before, even though Rebman teaches at Odyssey Charter School, he is not licensed to teach 7th Grade Civics.

A quick check of the Florida Department of Education Teacher Certification site yields this when looking up Rebman’s certification:

In order to be certified to teach 7th Grade / Middle School Civics, according to the Department of Education and the Florida Statutes, one must fulfill the following requirements:

Specialization Requirements for Certification in Middle Grades Social Science (Grades 5-9)–Academic Class.

(1) Plan One. A bachelor’s or higher degree with an undergraduate or graduate major in social science, middle grades social science or middle grades social studies, or

(2) Plan Two. A bachelor’s or higher degree with eighteen (18) semester hours in social science or social studies to include the areas specified below:

(a) Six (6) semester hours in United States history,

(b) Credit in western civilization; or, European, Asian, African, Latin American, or Middle Eastern history,

(c) Credit in economics,

(d) Credit in United States government, and

(e) Credit in geography.

Specific Authority 1001.02, 1012.55, 1012.56 FS. Law Implemented 1001.02, 1012.54, 1012.55, 1012.56 FS. History–New 9-1-92, Amended 7-17-00.

As anyone can see, Redman’s signature block and the State of Florida Certification site shows Rebman does not have the required education to be teaching what he does.

(Why Odyssey allows this breach of the law is anyone’s guess.)

Still, our point is a simple one: Rebman talks about “integrity” in the lives of others and in his own life, but in actuality displays neither the understanding of “integrity” in public officials or, in our opinion, in his own life.

It may very well be that the City of Palm Bay needs a person to coordinate with other agencies and develop plans and programs for the homeless in the area. The key word there is “coordinate.” Rebman has shown no ability to play nice with other people and other organizations. In fact, the posts that we have made concerning Rebman shows the problem:

Rebman lied to the City Council and advocated that homeless people should not be trespassed or removed from private property.

Rebman posted that businesses should not be able to remove the homeless from their property, even if the homeless were the source of fights and attacks on customers.

Rebman’s lack of self-awareness on issues goes back farther than his perception of “integrity.”

Rebman is proud to advise and assist homeless to trespass on private property.

We wonder why anyone would believe him on any subject.

Still, if the City of Palm Bay does hire a homeless advocate and coordinator, Rebman has demonstrated that he is not, in our opinion, the person for the job.

And never will be.

Rebman appears to have great issues with the truth, as well as a touch of narcissism on top of hubris. That’s a dangerous combination that is borne out in his inability to work with other groups, people and agencies unless they accede to his plans and demands.

The Mayor nailed this one.

Palm Bay can do better, and should distance themselves from Rebman representing the City in any official capacity.

2 Responses to “Palm Bay: Capote, Anderson And Rebman. That’s Gonna Leave A Mark.”

  1. Carla says:

    It’s strange that you have a problem with Rebman, but not with Trump for the same type of behavior. Taking the following paragraph from your blog, you could easily insert Trump’s name and it would be just as true a statement about Trump as it is about Rebman:

    Trump (not just Rebman) “appears to have great issues with the truth, as well as a touch of narcissism on top of hubris. That’s a dangerous combination that is borne out in his inability to work with other groups, people and agencies unless they accede to his plans and demands.” Actually Trump has more than a touch of narcissism, and is much more dangerous because he has much more power.

    I realize everyone has blind spots, and this one is yours. Overall, though, you have done a great job doing what you do best – covering local politics.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thank you for the comment.

      As you note, we cover mostly local things. We cover state and national thing in general when we are addressing points of view and discussions. We don’t write much about Trump as there many other blogs out there that support or attack him that do a much better job than we do.

      It’s not a “blind spot” as you like to thing as we talk about national politics all the time amongst ourselves all the time. We just choose not to write about it.

      A. Afterwit.