Palm Bay: Citizens Suffer, Employees Get A Day Off With Pay.

As we said yesterday, we normally wait for the day of a meeting to bring forth issues in a particular City or County, yet here we are again.

On Thursday, December 3, 2020, the City Council for the City of Palm Bay will meet at 7:00 PM for a regular meeting. This will be one of the first meetings since three new members of the Council – Randy Foster, Donny Felix and Rob Medina – were sworn in after the election.

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

New Business item number 1 is described as:

Consideration of adopting Christmas Eve (December 24) as an official holiday observed by the City of Palm Bay. (Deputy Mayor Johnson)

There are very few people or groups that you will meet that are more Christmas oriented than we are. We love this time of year.

However, Deputy Mayor Johnson’s proposal is to give City employees December 24th off.

The proposal will cost the City of Palm Bay an estimated $97,925.

We don’t mean to sound like we are a Grinch with a heart two sizes too small, but this proposal boggles the mind.

People in Palm Bay certainly have not had a good year economically. With layoffs, shuttering of businesses due to COVID, staying at home, lockdowns, etc., it is simply ridiculous to give employees of the City who were able to work and get a paycheck when other citizens could not, a day off that cost the people who pay the taxes $97,925.

City leaders have already declared that the upcoming year will be a fiscal challenge, and here the City is giving away nearly $100k to its own employees while citizens suffer.

Talk about being tone deaf.

It really is easy to reach into people’s pockets and say “pay this.” After all, it is not your money that you are deal with.

However, one would think that even politicians would get and understand the idea that the people who were able to work through lock downs can still celebrate the holidays with the rest of us and that includes the people who won’t get December 24th off with pay.

After the proposal to give the police illegal bonuses, this really reeks of buying another block of votes with tax money.

3 Responses to “Palm Bay: Citizens Suffer, Employees Get A Day Off With Pay.”

  1. Not a Grinch says:

    Seems to me that most employees already receive personal and sick days as part of their compensation package.

    Dec. 24th seems like an appropriate time to use one of those days rather than an additional expense with no benefits to the taxpayer.

    • AAfterwit says:

      Not a Grinch,

      Thanks for the comment.

      While we agree in principal that using vacation or personal days would be a good thing, we believe that the City, like most businesses, requires employees work the day before and the day after a recognized holiday in order to be paid for the holiday.

      Great idea though.

      A. Afterwit.

  2. Ron Lockwood says:

    How appropriate? Let’s Tax it and spend it!!
    I am appalled this measure will even be brought up. I agree with ‘Not a Grinch’ that personal time usage works best and not at our expense.
    We…all of us…are suffering. High costs, numerous raises in our tax, COVED 19 leaving it financial crisis at most everyone’s door-and giving away 100K with a grin and bow tie is an absolute farce. I am no Grinch either, but use some common sense in the form of spending-we don’t have it to give away like sprinkles on iced cream. and…
    Happy Holidays to y’all.

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