Palm Bay: Company Does What Politicians Do Not.

How did we miss this?

Before the start of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Little Caesar’s Pizza made a promise that if a a number 16 seed in a bracket beat a number 1 seed, the company would give a free pizza lunchtime combo to people. The combo consists of a four slice deep dish pizza and a 20 oz. drink and normally sells for five bucks.

The odds were heavily in favor of Little Caesar’s. After all, 16 seed were 0 – 132 against number 1 seeds in the history of the tournament.

That was before UMBC shocked number i seed Virginia on March 16th with a 74-54 victory.

Sure enough, Little Caesar’s lived up to the promise.

If you are from Palm Bay, you know that Little Caesar’s became somewhat “famous” beyond selling pizzas after what Councilman Trey Holton said in response to a proposed tax / assessment increase:

Councilman Tres Holton said two-thirds of the residents are looking at a $10 a month increase to repair serious storm water problems. In what it accomplishes, it’s fair and responsible, he said.

We’re talking about two Little Ceasars pizzas,” Holton said. (emphasis ours)

The odd thing is that like most politicians, Holton campaigned on holding the line on money coming out of people’s pockets.

The comparison is somewhat stark when you think about it.

In one corner, you have a national company that will give away millions of dollars in product, to say nothing of additional costs for the required staffing. They kept their word.

In the other corner, you have a politician who has no problem with reaching into the pockets of people for more money, even though he campaigned on not doing that very thing. Holton failed to keep his word.

We aren’t surprised.

After all, on March 12, 2018 we accepted Holton’s offer to speak with him. He has said from the dais many times that he will meet with people any time, any place. We agreed to talk with him here – in this forum.

To date, we have not heard a peep from him.

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.
Harvey Mackay

Tick tock.

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