PALM BAY: How Do You Stop Corruption When You Don’t Follow The Laws? (Part 2)

As we said yesterday, Randy Foster is running for Seat 3 of the Palm Bay City Council.

He, like most candidates, have stated they want to end corruption within the City. In fact, in response to some questions on another site, Foster claimed he wanted to:

Restore integrity to Palm Bay City Council and City Government and making Palm Bay to the best city to live in Florida.

In 2015, Foster qualified to run in the 2016 election for Seat 3 of the Brevard County Commission, an election that Foster eventually would lose to John Tobia.

After qualifying, candidates are required to make a financial disclosure statement on what is called “Form 6.”

An ethics complaint was filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics contesting the accuracy of Foster’s Form 6.

It’s important to understand the process of a complaint like this.

After an initial, brief investigation to determine the laws and the evidence in the complaint the investigation can end there for legal reasons and or lack of even the most basic of evidence. If there is evidence and laws to initially support the complaint, the investigators start looking deeper as well as informing the candidate of the investigation. Usually, if the candidate made an error and admits the error, the Commission allows an amended form to be filed and the process ends there.

In Foster’s case, the investigators for the Commission then proceeded to investigate the complaint. After no amended form was submitted, in January of 2018 the investigators made a full report to the Commission on Ethics. The Commission on Ethics agreed that there was cause to move forward to a hearing.

In June of 2018, the Commission met, discussed the case, and ruled Foster violated campaign finance laws. The Commission forwarded their findings to then Governor Rick Scott, who on December 4, 2018 issued an Executive Order accepting the findings of the Commission on Ethics and fining Foster $750.00.

We mentioned that Foster submitted answers to questions to another site. At the time of Foster submitting answers to questions to that site, he was running against current sitting councilman Brian Anderson who would eventually decide not to seek re-election.

To the question of “Why are you a better choice than your opponents?” Foster answered:

The second reason why i am the better choice because I have integrity, my opponent stated that he Sold His Soul to the Devil Taking $10,000 in Illegal Campaign Funds From Joe Aguiar.

We believe it was and is hypocritical to be attacking an opponent for acting in an un-ethical manner while Foster himself had done the same thing, albeit it on a lesser scale.

Foster was then asked to answer this question:

Opponents and the media research public records, police reports, credit information and do other background checks in an effort to discover tax liens, lawsuits, arrest records and other unfortunate things. Are there any issues your opponent could use against you that you wish to disclose:

To which Foster responded:


Apparently a conviction on an ethics charge and a fine is not a big deal to Foster. In that Foster has claimed that ethics in Palm Bay are an issue, is his answer just that tone deaf? Or was he lying to the people of Palm Bay, many of whom care about ethics convictions?

Foster then said this:

Question: Are there any other comments you’d like to make?

Answer: Integrity matters if serving in City Government and Palm Bay City Council, Please vote for Randy Foster, so we can move Palm Bay forward.

We have problems with this. If integrity matters now, then why didn’t integrity matter in the filling out of Form 6 and signing it was true and accurate under the threat of perjury?

Why lie to the people of Palm Bay essentially saying “nothing to see here, move along!” when asked about issues in his past?

As we said yesterday, we don’t endorse candidates, but we do comment on candidates and issues which affect citizens.

Foster wants people to rely on his experience as a law enforcement officer, but is woefully weak in the law when it comes to the Second Amendment, and gun laws in the County, State and Country.

Foster wants to learn from an impeached judge who was convicted numerous articles of impeachment, as well as other questionable and unethical behavior.

Foster wants people to look at his military service which required an oath to uphold the Constitution, and now he seeks to suppress the rights of people.

Foster wants to claim that integrity matters while sitting atop an ethics conviction and attacking the (suspect) ethics of another.

Foster claims that integrity is important, but apparently feels he can lie to the people of Palm Bay and say there is nothing in his background that should concern people. If integrity matters, then doesn’t acting in an manner that is “integrity challenged” matter?

The people of Palm Bay have been through enough corruption and lack of ethics from politicians who will say whatever they want to try and trick people to vote for them. We don’t believe we need to elect another.

We said yesterday that if Foster were running on a ballot by himself, we’d fill in “none of the above.”

THAT’S how strongly we feel about this.

2 Responses to “PALM BAY: How Do You Stop Corruption When You Don’t Follow The Laws? (Part 2)”

  1. Percy says:

    Not sure there is such a thing as an honest politician that has some small amount of integrity, if there is, they are few and far between. Unfortunately, I am an advocate for citizens to “follow the money” to see which groups/special interest are backing these candidates. Now it appears that some have started misleading the folks by filing inaccurate financial disclosure forms. The state needs to step up enforcement and prosecution of these crimes, not just a slap on the wrist.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      We totally agree with you. It is difficult to find an honest politician these days.

      To us, the blatant disregard of laws, his oaths, knowledge of right, etc., is especially troubling to us for Foster.

      We know that what he says is not what he believes in, so what will he do if elected?

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.