Palm Bay: (Not) Facing The Music.

David Isnardi

Former Palm Bay Deputy City Manager Dave Isnardi and the person arrested with him, Jose Aguiar, had a legal proceeding in court today concerning bond for both men.

We’d like to show you a picture of Isnardi at the hearing but we cannot as Isnardi waived his right to be present at the hearing.

Why is it that people who act so tough become gutless when facing the music?

There is nothing legal to be inferred from Isnardi’s no-show, but at the same time, there is a part of us that thinks if he is not guilty, stand up in front of a judge and say it.

Aguiar was there and his lawyer claimed Aguiar was “heavily medicated.”

Aguiar sat mostly motionless in a red jump suit, hands clenched together between his knees, wearing flip-flops and a white neck brace, as he awaited his first appearance before the judge.

“He’s heavily medicated due to his health issues,” Aguiar’s attorney, Daniel Martinez, said Saturday after the court appearance.

Judge Kelly Ingram denied bond to Aguiar and Isnardi due to the seriousness of the charges.

Isnardi was represented by Brevard County Commissioner Bryan Lober at the hearing. Lober filed papers to represent Isnardi at the hearing and only for the hearing. He says that he will assist Isnardi and the family in finding counsel for the trial.

According to the FloridaToday, Lober said something that strikes us as strange and perhaps lacking a little self-awareness:

“I just don’t want this to be a distraction to my career or to his wife’s career,” Lober said after Saturday’s court proceeding.

Too late.

That boat has long left the dock.

Brevard County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi and her husband are politically tied at the hip. Kristine Isnardi served as a Palm Bay Council member – the very town in which her husband worked. There are other ties as well, but the fact of the matter is that this incident taints Kristine Isnardi as well.

As for Lober not wanting the incident to be a distraction for his career, then frankly he should not have jumped into the fray. He voluntarily decided to represent Isnardi at the hearing, an effort that many people see as a conflict of interest or at least ill advised.

There are hundreds of criminal attorneys in Brevard County and neighboring counties, all of whom could have represented Isnardi at the bond hearing.

Instead, Isnardi obtained the services of Lober, who just so happens to be on the same Commission as Isnardi’s wife and is the only attorney on the Commission. Lober made his choice and while we would never say it is a choice he cannot make, to say “I don’t want the choices I make to affect my career” seems a to be lacking in self-awareness to some degree.

We are also seeing posts and messages that talk about how Isnardi’s alleged actions are affecting others including other families and family members. We understand the sentiment, but at the same time, Isnardi should have thought of that before doing what he is alleged to have done. We aren’t saying that we would ever go out of our way to attack or say mean things to family members, but at the same time, we don’t see them coming out and saying “if true, the allegations are wrong.” Perhaps they shouldn’t for a number of legal reasons, but don’t ask us to respect and pray for the families when the head of the clan had no respect for them.

We don’t mind people stepping in for a corrupt leader of a family, but don’t ask people to support the family that benefited from the alleged corruption unless they are willing to come forward and say the alleged actions were wrong.

Americans are forgiving people. Palm Bay residents are forgiving people. We just have trouble with “be nice and forgive” when no one is ‘fessing up or addressing the issue.

We’ll say it plain….it is not the arrest of these men that is affecting their families, it is their own alleged actions. The arrests and all the fallout – including that on the families – is a result of their actions.

You cannot separate the actions of the men and the people that benefited from those actions absent of anyone in the families saying “the alleged actions were wrong.”

We know that sounds harsh, but at the same time, the fact that actions have consequences that rain down upon others should moderate people’s behavior.

In this case, it appears that it didn’t.

We won’t make nasty comments about the family, but we won’t go down the “woe is me” path of the families when they are silent or saying “pity us.”


Not going there.

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