Palm Bay: Our Comments Last Night On JLAC Hearing.

Last night we sent one of our guys up to the Palm Bay City Council to comment on the JLAC hearing.

Here are the comments and the graphics that were used:

I wanted to take some time to address the JLAC Committee hearing last week, which for those who missed it can be found on the Florida Channel dot org site.

First, kudos to City Manager Morrell. We believe you did well. We especially liked your response to a question on the exchange where you admitted you did not know, were baffled at what had happened and were still looking into it. We believe a good manager is honest, which you were and continues to dig when they don’t know answers and you are doing just that. We can’t ask for more.

Deputy City Mayor Kenny Johnson was a no show. There can be no excuse for this. No one seemed to be aware of what happened to him. At one point in time Ms. Morrell looked around the room searching for Mr. Johnson as were we all.

Mayor Capote decided not to attend the meeting which brought scathing and accurate comments from the JLAC Chair saying, quote:

The Mayor of Palm Bay declined the opportunity to defend what happened in the City here today.

In fact, I guess he just didn’t feel like he had the time to be here for us. He did have the time to politically attack us and demean the Committee and demean the Auditor General’s report.

So it’s very disappointing that he didn’t come here today but took the time to insult and attack the members of this Committee.

I think some of his actions have been dishonorable.

I know that he has been cited for the improper use of a vehicle. A proper use of the vehicle would have been to come up here and defend himself and support his constituents and not just his own personal interests.

So, it’s unfortunate that he wasn’t able to be here but I would encourage him to come back up here at some point and meet with the Committee because the work that we do here is very important. His constituents are important to us, even if they are not important to him, so we will continue our work.


Like many people we were disappointed in the Mayor’s decision to not attend as well.

In the past he has made statements that there was nothing wrong within the City – a statement belied by the JLAC report itself. He has said that the staff is his “family” and if a person attacks his family, that person is attacking him and he will fight back.

Instead of being a leader, defending the staff, and representing constituents, Mayor Capote stayed here, feet up on his desk, sipping spiced egg nog.

Instead of being on the point of the spear, you stayed in the rear in relative safety. The military has a term for what that makes you – that term is a REMF.

You should be ashamed of your gutless display of cowardness, sir not only to the staff, but to the people of Palm Bay.

But shame, like leadership, is not something you do.

End of comment.

We stand by what was said.

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