Palm Bay: Palm Bay V. Lori Scott – The Scott Response.

Back on March 5, 2019 we posted the lawsuit filed by the City of Palm Bay in an attempt to force Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott to certify the signatures on petitions gathered by a committee seeking to have the City Charter revert to the 2016 language when it comes to the matter of special assessments.

(We had written about the petitions here, here and here.)

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott has responded to the lawsuit and is asking the court to dismiss the entire thing based on the legal insufficiency of the Palm Bay pleading, as we as the idea that even if Palm Bay gets past the legal sufficiency part, Palm Bay cannot force the Supervisor of elections to do what she is not required to do by law.

The sad thing is that while this is playing out in the courts, the petition group is losing time to get people involved and informed as to the ballot initiative itself.

Given the City’s lying and obfuscation in the past on this issue, we believe that is part of their plan. To them, the delays are a benefit, not a bug.

Hopefully a judge will rule Scott is correct so the issue can move forward instead of being stonewalled by the City, the upper level staff, and the City Council.

One Response to “Palm Bay: Palm Bay V. Lori Scott – The Scott Response.”

  1. Percy says:

    From an outsider looking in, the city of PB elected officials have done an extremely poor job in addressing this issue. The city, which incorrectly forced the petitioners to use a form that could not be certified by the SOE, then refusing to either count the forms themselves or just have the commission recognize that a large number of residents want this item on the ballot and have a commission vote to let the residents decide. Instead they are using legal wrangling to delay what appears to be the will of their own constituents – shameful when elected officials ignore the voices of the people who elected them. Let the voters decide.