Palm Bay: Rebman Again Proves A Source Of Content For Us. (Self-Awareness 101.)

Thomas Rebman posted this yesterday and we feel compelled to respond to another non-sensical rant from him.

He asks that people “share this post,” and we are happy not only to share the post, but to fisk it as well.

… they have no knowledge of the subjects they discuss…

In our post yesterday, we talked about Rebman’s lack of knowledge in running a business, yet he decided to attack 7-11, a specific store, and customers of that store.

It is a stunning lack of self-awareness that Rebman feels that him commenting on subjects of which he is no knowledge is acceptable, but anyone else who points out other facts is somehow ignorant of the subject matter.

They do not contribute to our community…..

Rebman has no idea what most people do in their spare time, the causes to which they donate their time and money, and the causes for which they advocate.

So why is he ranting about subjects about which he is ignorant? Why is he displaying his ignorance while wrongfully claiming others are ignorant?

There is a definite lack of self-awareness there.

…they hamper our efforts to improve Palm Bay.

We aren’t sure that having people move onto and take over property they do not own at the direction of Rebman “helps” Palm Bay. We aren’t sure that demanding the City not follow their laws and the Florida Statutes helps Palm Bay either.

If that is the type of “effort to improve Palm Bay” Redman is advocating, perhaps he should look in the mirror to see who is harming Palm Bay.

They are people who will never admit they are wrong no matter how many facts are presented to them.


They stop at nothing to get attention.




I encourage anyone who is a member of Palm Bay Social or Palm Bay Neighbors News and Chatter to unlike the pages and and stop spreading their ability to spread hate.

It is telling to us that Rebman feels that those who disagree with him is his definition of “spreading hate.”

We’ve seen him tell people in public that they can always contact him for information yet he blocks people with whom he disagrees. In correspondence with us, he claimed that he is always available and when we discussed his statement to the Palm Bay City Council, he addressed his writing to a person who is not part of our staff and then called us “mentally deficient individuals.”

He then proceeded to say he would no longer communicate with us.

We are simply left with the idea that anyone who disagrees with him as a public figure and disputes or pushes back against his ideas is “spreading hate.”

Rebman should know that we and others are not his students. We are not children that can be bossed around. We are not going to bow down and kiss his ring. We are not going to buy into his seeming “persecution complex” where he feels that people cannot and should not disagree with him.

I love my community and have taken a stand to rid us of this negativity.

We find this curious. When Rebman addressed the City Council on July 26, his comments were negative. When he held a “training” session on the 211 system, his comments were negative. When he made a post about the Eugene, Oregon 7-11, his comments cast the store, the community and the paying customers in a negative light. This post from him is “negative” in tone as well.

So who exactly is being negative again?

Silence is complicity.

We are confused.

We are not being silent about his actions and words, yet he condemns those who speak out. According to Rebman, if we are silent, aren’t we being complicit in his misrepresentations? Wouldn’t we be complicit and agreeing to his crusade to dismiss the rights of people and putting more people in jeopardy are the only way of handling the homeless issue if we remained silent?

According to the “logic” on display, if one is silent on issues, one is “complicit.” If one speaks up and disagrees with him, one is being “hateful.”

Talk about a lack of self-awareness and critical thinking skills.

Finally, we want to address the image that he has attached to his post which reads:

Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution. – Albert Einstein.

The problem is that there is no indication that Einstein ever said this quote. None. It is not recorded in any writings, interviews or recollections of contemporaries. It is often wrongfully attributed to Einstein, but it is not from him.

One actual quote that Einstein did make and is applicable to this whole mess is this:

People should be leery of someone who seeks to bully and cower others into silence simply because they disagree. People should be leery of those with issues regarding the truth. People should be leery of those who seek to self-promote instead of simply serving.

People should be leery of public figures whose rants lack a complete lack of self-awareness.

2 Responses to “Palm Bay: Rebman Again Proves A Source Of Content For Us. (Self-Awareness 101.)”

  1. Jessica says:

    Public records, his own actions, and documentation of prior similar behavior (informal as well as via local news reporting) DO NOT LIE. This is egregious in every sense of the word. The fact that he has a long list of people who are ‘negative’ doesn’t show anything but that he’s the common denominator. Thank you for this post!

  2. Rick Teresi says:

    When I originally read Rebman’s rant I immediately thought to myself that if you change every “they” to “I” his rant makes complete sense.