Palm Bay: Rebman Loses In Court, Follows Up With A Hypocritical Post On Another Agency Helping The Homeless.

Odyssey Charter School teacher and self proclaimed homeless advocate / expert Thomas F. Rebman is back on our radar today.

You may remember that Rebman has been making comments and posts about others making false accusations against him, his wife, etc. To some extent, we covered his rants in this post.

In that post we noted that Rebman threatened us with legal action as he has threatened others as well.

What we didn’t say in the post but was public record and known within the community was that Rebman had at the time filed a complaint against the mother of one of his former students for harassment and stalking. The complaint was filed on August 8, 2019 and a hearing was scheduled for September 17, 2019.

Perhaps the most damning accusation in the complaint was that the mother and daughter had come onto the Odyssey Charter School property and attempted to follow Rebman.

In actuality, the mother was on the property to pick up her employment records and as she and her family had moved from the area. She then asked the school administration if her daughter could say goodbye to her favorite teacher (which is not Rebman.) The permission was granted. Armed with ignorance, Rebman claimed that the woman was violating a trespass notice against her being on the property.

(We won’t even get into the idea that it is impossible to trespass a person from public property if they have legitimate business on the property. The mother had made a legitimate and legal request for her employment records from when she worked at the school. The school complied with the request and told her when she could pick up the records. That’s the legitimate business she had being on the property. The mother then asked and received permission for her and her daughter to go visit the teacher. At no point in time had the mother violated any order or trespass notice against her.)

With that as part of his complaint, he headed to court hoping to get a victory against the mother.

He failed.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The above is a copy of a portion of the complete record which can be found on the Brevard County Clerk of the Courts website. You can go there and search for Rebman’s name and the case will come up. If you don’t want to do that, you can see the complete record here. (The image will open in a new window. It’s long, so we didn’t want to put the entire record on the “front page” so to speak as it would dominate the page.)

During the hearing, the mother showed the judge the actual video from the school’s security cameras as to her and her daughter’s activities the day in question. The video did not match up with Rebman’s narrative and accusation.

There were several other accusations made by Rebman that did not match objective facts either.

It is important to note that in civil cases like this, the standard of proof is not “beyond a reasonable doubt” as one would find in a criminal case. As this was a civil case, the level of proof is by the “preponderance of the evidence” which simply means that the evidence only has to tilt the scales of justice ever so slightly to one party.

Rebman could not even meet that standard.

The judge dismissed the case against the mother and rightfully so.

In speaking with others, we have always said that because of an incident which occurred at Odyssey Charter School between the mother, the daughter and Rebman, this case would be the strongest case he could bring in support of his accusations that people were stalking him and making false claims. The fact that a judge ruled against him in his strongest case we believe is telling.

We believe that a judge ruling Rebman’s accusations did not rise to Rebman’s “understanding” of the law, plus the fact that the judge had actual evidence in front of him disputing Rebman’s fanciful stories says a great deal.

Rebman has also tried to bully us here with threats of going to a judge.

On August 31, 2019, he wrote to us saying:

Thats fine sir. We will let the appropriate judge decide. I have no business with you and will consider any future contact harassment. (emphasis ours)

In the case filled by Rebman against the mother of a former student, Judge David E. Silverman did decide and decided against Rebman.

(As a side note, we have to wonder what happened when Rebman returned to the classroom the day after the case was decided against him and students asked him where he had been the previous day. Certainly such a discussion should take place in a civics class as it is an example of how the courts work. We can just see a student asking the question of Rebman, “did you win?”)

We believe that Rebman likes to play the “victim card” and claim that people are making false statements about him. He wants the world (by “the world,” we mean everyone but him) to be a “kinder, gentler” place where everyone gets along.

Do his actions match that desire?

One of Rebman’s complaints is he believes people say he is only in the discussion concerning the homeless in the area for himself.

He has stated that is not true and believes people should not make such statements.

We therefore wonder what Rebman was thinking when, after his crushing defeat in court, he posted this about the South Brevard Sharing Center

Generally speaking, the South Brevard Sharing Center has a good reputation and actually helps people.

So why would Rebman attack them? Specifically, why would Rebman use the same attack he decries when he says people comment about him?

Hypocrisy? Lack of self-awareness? Lack of a moral compass?

The attack on the South Brevard Sharing Center comes a week or so after he attacked the Brevard Homeless Coalition.

In our first post on Rebman, we noted that he had misrepresented what had happened in one of the homeless camps and misrepresented how the City of Palm Bay had responded. City Manager Morrell said at the July 27, 2019 meeting that Rebman was wrong on the facts but that if the owner of the property wanted the homeless to be trespassed from the property, the City would have to comply.

Knowing that the property owner would most likely want and express the desire for the people removed from his property due to health, safety and liability issues, and even before the City was notified by the property owner the people needed to be trespassed from the property, Morrell did something really good, smart and appropriate.

Morrell reached out to get help with relocating the homeless and seeking services for those in the camp.

However, Morrell did not reach out to Rebman, but instead contacted the Brevard Homeless Coalition to help solve the upcoming removal of the people from the property.

Could that be part of the reason Rebman is lashing out at other groups that are actually helping the homeless? That the City and other people are looking for effective and efficient help rather than “help” from him?

We don’t know but it is something to consider.

Still, no matter what, we have to wonder why Rebman displayed such blatant hypocrisy in his attack on the South Brevard Sharing Center.

Maybe he can claim that he was angry from losing in court, but that still doesn’t make his attack right.

In short, in the span of 24 hours, Rebman lost in court and hypocritically lashed out at a group helping the homeless and the needy.

What more needs to be said?

6 Responses to “Palm Bay: Rebman Loses In Court, Follows Up With A Hypocritical Post On Another Agency Helping The Homeless.”

  1. Another concerned citizen says:

    This man has no place working with children! His actions once again show he is unstable and a danger to others.
    How is our school system allowing someone like this to work with children? He is literally a screaming tea kettle at risk of exploding at any moment.
    Thank you for updating our community on this situation.

  2. Craig says:

    Mr Rebman did himself a disservice after the alleged broken glasses incident portraying himself as the victim of a unfounded accusation.

    Not satisfied Mr Rebman then sought a civil injunction against a mother of three and former Odyssey Charter School employee supporting his narrative of events.

    It reflects poorly on the administration and staff at Odyssey Charter School the epicenter of the aforementioned events.

  3. Renee Felty says:

    Mr. Rebman needs not forget that words do matter. People do pay attention, and they do remember. Instead of trying to make himself “feel” good by dragging people into court rooms, maybe he should resume his studies and finally get his teaching certificate and focus on his students without distraction.

    • AAfterwit says:

      Renee Felty,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Rebman is a certified teacher in the State of Florida.

      There are several classifications of teaching certifications based on grade levels, subject matter, etc.

      For the Civics class for 7th graders which Rebman is teaching, he would be required to have a certification in Social Studies, which obviously he does not have.

      However the State of Florida recognizes both the shortage of educators as well as smaller districts not being able to comply with a subject certified teacher in every classroom. To deal with that issue, the State requires that 30 days before the start of the school year, parents in the class of the “out of field” teacher be notified in order for them to change teachers if they so desire. The school and the district must list the “out of field” teachers.

      No parents were notified this year or in the past that Rebman is not certified to teach Civics. Odyssey Charter School has not listed him as being out of field. The Brevard County School District does not list him either. It is clear to use that Rebman and the school are not in compliance with Florida Statute 1012.42:

      1012.42 Teacher teaching out-of-field.—
      (1) ASSISTANCE.—Each district school board shall adopt and implement a plan to assist any teacher teaching out-of-field, and priority consideration in professional development activities shall be given to a teacher who is teaching out-of-field. The district school board shall require that the teacher participate in a certification or staff development program designed to provide the teacher with the competencies required for the assigned duties. The board-approved assistance plan must include duties of administrative personnel and other instructional personnel to provide students with instructional services.
      (2) NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS.—When a teacher in a district school system is assigned teaching duties in a class dealing with subject matter that is outside the field in which the teacher is certified, outside the field that was the applicant’s minor field of study, or outside the field in which the applicant has demonstrated sufficient subject area expertise, as determined by district school board policy in the subject area to be taught, the parents of all students in the class shall be notified in writing of such assignment, and each school district shall report out-of-field teachers on the district’s website within 30 days before the beginning of each semester. A parent whose student is assigned an out-of-field teacher may request that his or her child be transferred to an in-field classroom teacher within the school and grade in which the student is currently enrolled. The school district must approve or deny the parent’s request and transfer the student to a different classroom teacher within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 2 weeks, if an in-field teacher for that course or grade level is employed by the school and the transfer does not violate maximum class size pursuant to s. 1003.03 and s. 1, Art. IX of the State Constitution. If a request for transfer is denied, the school must notify the parent and specify the reasons for the denial. An explanation of the transfer process must be made available in the student handbook or a similar publication. This subsection does not provide a parent the right to choose a specific teacher.

      While it seems to be a technical distinction, we know our readers want to be accurate in their statements.

      Rebman is a certified teacher. He is not certified to teach the Civics class. Furthermore, OCS did not notify parents as to this fact.

      Thanks again for your comment.

      A. Afterwit.

  4. Renee Felty says:

    A. Afterwit,

    Respectfully, Mr. Rebman is teaching (yes certified) on a temporary, non-renewable certificate. Showing he either suffers from a lack of conviction that teaching is his “true calling” or he is just disinterested in completed the required coursework for his professional (renewable) certification. Additionally Mr. Rebman has been calling himself a “teacher” for at least 5 years. Even I, a non-teacher can do that math…. As far as “teaching out of field”… if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound?

    • AAfterwit says:

      Renee Felty,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Our concern was only that the statement “Rebman is not a certified teacher” is incorrect. As the documentation shows and you admit, he is certified to teach on the temporary teaching certification issued by the State of Florida.

      We can speculate as to his commitment to teaching and all that, but we don’t believe that matters to the core issue of whether he is “certified to teach.”

      We are much more concerned right now with Rebman’s, the Odyssey Charter School’s and the Brevard County School District’s lack of compliance with the law when it comes to notifying parents that a teacher is not certified to teach in that field as we can only speculate what will happen when the non-renewable certificate runs out on June 30, 2019.

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.