Palm Bay: Staff Recommends Increased Staff Benefits.

Just yesterday, we wrote about Deputy Mayor Kenny Johnson’s proposal to give City employees December 24th off at a cost of $99,925 to the taxpayers who are struggling financially due to the pandemic and economic fallout from that.

We will keep saying how tone deaf and insulting to the citizens of Palm Bay this proposal is. We note in another post today that the nearly $100K could be transferred to the police department to get vehicles they say they need.

Yet something else caught our eye as we were looking at the post.

There is a cover memo to the agenda item for the day off proposal. It is written by Acting City Manager Suzanne Sherman thru Human Resources Director Charleena Cox.

We missed the connection, but at the bottom there is this:

Motion to adopt Christmas Eve (December 24) as an Official Holiday observed by the City of Palm Bay.

How spiffy.

The City employees are recommending that the City adopt the proposal that will benefit them as employees.

It is all just so shameless.

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