Palm Bay: The Holton Clock Continues To Tick.

Last week, we made the offer to Concilman Calvin “Tres” Holton (Pizza! Pizza! (tm.)) to stop by here and talk about the issues that we have brought up during Council meetings.

Holton always makes a big show of telling people that he will be happy to sit down with them and talk. He has also made a big show of having what can be considered a “bullying presence” online where he has made what we would consider to be threats (although not direct threats.)

Isn’t it funny (in an odd yet predictable way) that people like Holton say they are willing to talk, but only when they can control the conversation whether it be in a conversation of which there is no record or from the bully pulpit of the Council meetings where citizens are limited to the time they can speak, but Council members can take as long as they want?

No matter what, we are still here.



Tick tick, Mr. Holton.

Tick tock.

One Response to “Palm Bay: The Holton Clock Continues To Tick.”

  1. David Morris says:

    More citizen rights stepped on today by Greg Lynk